Top Ten 2016 Blog Posts

by Sally Matheny

I follow several blogs on a variety of topics. Every January, it’s delightful when they post their top, most popular blog posts from the year. What did other readers find most helpful or entertaining? I click through their lists to make sure I've not missed anything.

I like to do the same thing on my blog. It helps me to see which topics readers found most interesting. 

The book reviews and giveaways were popular. For those of you reading today, here's a heads up! There'll be several giveaways between now and February. You may want to join my free email list if you don't want to miss one.

Otherwise, here are the blog posts you all ranked as the top ten.

The countdown of 2016's top ten:

Sally Matheny

Thank you, dear readers. I feel your pulse.

You and I are striving to grow strong and courageous in our faith so we can influence the next generation to be strong and courageous.

Let’s keep searching for His Truth as we continue to pray for and encourage one another. 

I pray the Lord will meet all your needs and bless you with a joyful and healthy new year.