Expressions of Love-Valentine's Day Ideas

Regardless of whether you agree with the commercialism of Valentine’s Day or not, you may want to be thinking of a special way to express your love this Valentine's Day.

Why? Well, women tend to like this special day. In fact, 53% of women in America told the U.S. Census they would dump their boyfriends if they did not get them anything for Valentine’s Day.
You can’t really blame people. Valentine’s Day specialness is ingrained early in childhood. Remember poring over the whole box of valentine cards and selecting just the right one for each classmate? It’s estimated over 41 million children will exchange valentine cards this year. Maybe the boys outgrow Valentine’s Day specialness but the girls don’t. Trust me.
Women are more sensitive to this holiday. I didn’t find any statistics about men breaking up with their girlfriends if they didn’t receive a gift on Valentine’s Day. Face it, the ladies like to be treated special.
For some it may be a material thing, but for most, I’m guessing it is merely a reaffirmation of love. Perhaps many days slip by before women hear a sincere “I love you.” Or they feel unappreciated for the daily juggling act they do to keep the home and family intact.

Flowers, candy, dinner…all those things are great. But, I bet most women would be just as blessed, if not more so, by expressions of love that don’t cost a penny. They have to be real, though. Women have a keen radar for what’s sincere.

One of my favorite memories is a time when my hubby and I were dating. It was raining and we were driving to some event. I can’t even remember what event, but I do remember he suddenly pulled over on the side of the country road and hopped out of the car. A smile slowly spread over my astonished face as I watched him run over to a wild, pink rosebush. Pinching through the thorns, and in the soaking rain, he picked me a small bouquet.
Over the years, he has bought me beautiful flowers but none compare to that spontaneous bunch of rain-soaked roses.
The same with cards. There have been fancy ones and funny ones. All were appreciated but there was always something more special about the hand-written love letters. It was the time invested that made the impression.
Gifts are great but are more meaningful when thoughtful consideration has gone into them. Most women can tell if something was picked up at the last minute.  Cherished is the man who is attentive and searches for something he thinks will make you smile.

So, put a little thought and a whole lot of heart into your expressions of love this Valentine's. I’m not saying never buy flowers, cards, or gifts. Just make your gesture a sincere expression of your love.
What is something she would love to hear from you? Are you able to say it genuinely from your heart?  Remember that keen radar—she’ll know if you’re for real or not. If you haven’t told her sweet things in awhile and feel awkward—it’s okay. She’ll love it as long as they are heartfelt sentiments.
While this post is geared mainly for men, I challenge all the women out there to be just as diligent in their expressions of love. Remember, it’s not all about serving the ladies. Love is a two-way street. Men like to hear sweet things from you, as well.

Perhaps, there’s not a sweetheart in your life this year. I hope you know how special and loved you are. You have a different purpose this Valentine's Day. Seek out others you can bless with expressions of love. Is there a child craving  attention? A lonely, elderly neighbor needing a visit?
You may still be wondering what to get someone for Valentine’s Day. There will be plenty of ads and you may even Google ideas. Want to try something really radical? Pray and ask God the best way to show your love. That may be something new for you. God is awesome and has huge ideas about love so be prepared for some incredible suggestions!