Learn From My Mistake - Don't Wait (Easter)

Dear friends,

A long time ago, I made a choice which brought great sadness. I share this because I want you to learn from my mistake.

One evening, some friends came by and invited me to go with them very early the next morning to the grave site of a dear friend. When I say very early I mean, before the sun was up.

I don’t know why they even asked me. They know I'm not a “morning person.” Ideally, the sun should rise two hours before me. Besides, I was already depressed. The grave site was the last place I wanted to be.

I told my friends, Joanna and Mary, “You’re early-risers. You go ahead. I don't want to go.”

Mary and Joanna looked disappointed, but I didn’t feel bad about staying home. It had been an extremely stressful week. Someone we loved dearly had died unexpectedly.  I had not slept well for several nights. I was exhausted.So other women went with Joanna and Mary.

And because of my choice to stay home, I missed something wonderful. Something miraculous!


Planning a Beautiful Wedding Reception on a Budget: It Begins and Ends with Family and Friends

by Sally Matheny

Planning a Beautiful Wedding Reception on a Budget
(Pixabay Photo)
Are you planning a wedding reception? 

The average cost for an American wedding reception is around $15,000—just for the reception. 

For many couples, that amount can start marriages off with huge debts. Or it will deplete the savings of numerous parents. I’ve heard of parents maxing out credit cards and running retirement accounts dry. It’s not necessary to do this. Nor is it wise.  

I’m here to tell you it is possible to plan a beautiful wedding reception, even if you’re working within, what many consider, a frugal budget. Granted, it takes a bit more work, but sometimes that extra effort brings an even sweeter satisfaction. Expect a few challenges, but the overall experience can definitely be enjoyable—if everything is approached with the right attitude.

One thing my daughters and I know for certain is a beautiful wedding reception begins and ends with family and friends.

Are you planning a reception? Perhaps you’ll have a relative or friend offer financial assistance. That would be awesome, wouldn’t it? 

But if not, fear not. If you have a loving family or a handful of caring friends, you’re well on your way to creating a lovely wedding reception. In this post, I’ll share just a few of the ways we saved money. There are too many to write about in one post so if you’d like the entire list, say so in the comments and I’ll email it to you