John Tesh Concert:Talent, Testimonies and T-Shirts

My sweet hubby and I recently attended a John Tesh concert at Isothermal Community College. This was our first time hearing John Tesh and his touring ensemble. We were enthralled.

John Tesh performs at The Foundation in NC
Kicking off the concert was the web master for www.tesh.com. This guy had the voice and enthusiasm of a high school cheerleader. He pumped up the crowd about the website and a special promotion for the evening. If the words “tesh.com” were mentioned, and if the crowd cheered, the web master would appear and throw T-shirts out to the crowd.

A great deal of laughter ensued after he explained his limited budget. Apparently, he made the T-shirts himself. They were Fruit of the Loom, large, white, men’s T-shirts. He said all the band members autographed each one and not to wash it or you'd end up with a plain, white shirt. Simple, cheap and everyone wanted one!

John Tesh came on stage, talked a little and mentioned tesh.com three times.

The first shirt went to an eleven-year-old girl. It was her birthday and later she was asked on stage to assist Tesh and the band. She was a sweetheart and nearly stole the show!

The second shirt was thrown somewhere in the back of the auditorium. My husband and I were sitting in the front row of the balcony. Tesh told the guy not to throw it toward the balcony for fear of someone falling over. The cheerleader took it as a challenge and propelled it through the air with all his strength. It looked as if it would almost make it to the balcony…and it did, right to my husband. Woo Hoo!

The Chase High band members were sitting behind us. While the shirt was flying through the air, their squeals of eager anticipation nose-dived to a low moan when the shirt stopped just beyond their reach. The kids didn’t get the shirt but they sure did enjoy the show.

John Tesh and his band were phenomenal. The entire evening they pumped out vibrant music. A few selections were velvety smooth throughout but most had a jazzy kick. The elderly man to my left was dancing around in his seat as much as the teens behind me!

The toe-tapping, thigh slapping music was intermingled with Tesh’s thoughts and sentiments. His easy-going style quickly drew the audience into his circle of friends.

My husband especially connected with Tesh’s comments on telling his kids to put away their cell phones when eating dinner. That’s a rule in our family too.

We also liked hearing Tesh proclaim his love for his wife Connie, and how she drew him back to his faith twenty-two years ago. Faith and family seems to be the well where his heart and music springs forth.

Hearing many familiar tunes, we were surprised to learn John Tesh wrote several of them. We loved hearing the stories of how the songs originated, especially the humorous one about the NBA theme song.

If John Tesh comes back this way again, we’ll be there. Loved it all, with no complaints. Well, I do have one. There were twelve in the band and our T-shirt had only eight autographs. Somebody (as Tesh says) took a “tinkle break” and forgot to sign. Nonetheless, we're really happy with the "home-made" shirt!

Let's hear from the rest of you.
Faith and family drives John Tesh. What brings forth your creative spirit?