Running in the Rain

A sudden rain sliced into our hot afternoon, bringing a welcome division between the heat of the workday and a peaceful dusk. Standing on the front porch with my husband and our little boy, we listened to the downpour. There was no thunder or lightning, just the wonderful sound of cooling rain.

“You ever run in the rain?” I asked Zachary.

“No,” he answered, with a heavy undertone of you’re crazy.

“Go on, it’s fun.”

“No,” he said, but I could tell he was considering it by the smile he was desperately trying to hide.

“When your sisters were your age, they ran in the rain all the time. If it’s not thundering or lightening, it’s safe. Want me to go get Emily to run with you?”

“She won’t go,” said my husband. “She’s probably on the phone.”

I went inside and talked to Emily. She’s always been an adventure-sort of girl but we realize she’s now eighteen and growing up.

“I’ll be out in just a minute,” she called from behind her bedroom door.

I picked up my camera on the way out, just in case a Kodak (well, Canon) moment happened.

Walking back out to the porch, I found the guys still mesmerized by the waterfall.

“Is she coming?”

“Says she is.”

Waiting for her to come out the front door, we heard a whoop from the side of the house. Another whoop later and Emily came running around the house in the rain. My eighteen year old has not lost her spunk.

That was all it took for Zachary. He wasn’t about to let her have all the fun. They took off for a few laps around the house. I could hear Emily squealing all the way. Zachary was probably laughing too hard to squeal.  Puddle splashing was then followed by raindrop drinking.

I’m snapping pictures and just when I was about to get towels, I hear another whoop. Turning around, I see my husband has pulled off his shirt and has ignited another race around the house!

Soaking wet mess? Yes. Spontaneous fun? Oh yeah. Cherished memory forever? Absolutely.

 What about you? Afraid to get your feet wet and try something new? Is God calling you to do something you think is a little out there? If you hear Him calling, go! Get out there before you miss the joy.

Is there someone who needs to see your faith still has spunk? Can they see your joy even when life gets a little slippery? Drenched in tests and trials, do they see you still looking up to Him and praising Him in the rain? Are people hearing your delight as you run life’s race?