A Tactful Christian--Easier Said Than Done?

by Sally Matheny

Wondering Where the Tactful
Christians Are?
Man, oh, man. Have the things you’ve recently seen in the media shocked you? 

Are you infuriated or depressed?

Have the conversations peppered across social media left you flabbergasted? 

I understand, really I do.

After reading them, I wonder if I should respond. I want to be sensitive and respectful—not offending anyone. Yet, I’d like to encourage people to seek the truth. But, I struggle trying to find the right words.

Most of the time, I end up not engaging in online “discussions” at all. I’m fearful of the consequences. Much can be misinterpreted. I’m tenderhearted. Plus, they can sap my energy and time.

Do you think this way, too?

Or maybe you have a strong, straightforward approach. No hee-hawing around. You’re passionate about making your point and you press hard to make your mark. 

Heated debates? You say, “Bring it.”

Both of these methods of communication, or non-communication, may lack something. Is it possible to pull them together and produce a tactful Christian? 

Let’s see. It may be easier said, than done.