When the Powerless Pray

Have you ever had a peaceful day quickly swirl into a situation where you had no control? Has your heart wrenched with agony because you were powerless to change the circumstances occurring in your life or someone else’s life?
A young, youth pastor in our community is in intensive care after open-heart surgery. Getting off the ventilator is proving difficult. His blood pressure dangerously flunctuates.

His wife stays by his side. His mother, father, and brother are there as well. Little children miss playing with their daddy.
Life for many has taken a nauseating spin. The kind of spin that brings you tearfully to your knees.
When faced with such circumstances, some people feel hopeless…powerless.
The family of this young man is drained emotionally and physically. Realizing they do not have the power to make this loved one well, they do not, however, feel helpless. Everything that is out of their hands, they place in the hands of Jesus Christ.
Many Christian brothers and sisters of this family want to assist them in any way possible. They offer words of comfort, run errands, and more. These things help but they don’t change the situation.

Christians are not immune to the troubles of life. When tough times hit, that’s when the powerless pray. They rest secure in the sovereign wisdom and almighty power of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

People gathering for prayer in the middle of town.
Many churches have been praying for this family but a few nights ago, they decided to unite in prayer. They met at the water fountain in town. It was cool and windy. They prayed together for the healing of this young man and for his family. The skies grew dark as the evening of prayer continued. Small groups huddled together with many prayers going up simultaneously.

Cars slowed down to see what was happening. Windows were rolled down in order to get a better view and in hopes of hearing something.
At one point, the stoplight turned green but the cars did not move. Drivers lingered, desperately wanting to know why these people had gathered in the middle of town. Questioning one another, “Have we missed something?”

Before the congregation left, they sang praises to God. Even though the night air was chilly, many stayed and fellowshipped with one another after the prayer service ended.
The last report is the youth pastor is off the ventilator. Praise God! However, he is still in critical condition. The prayers will continue.

Reportedly, 85% of patients with his condition do not survive. He is surviving and hopefully soon, thriving with a new strength.

God’s mercy is great. His loving kindness lasts forever. He holds his children securely, no matter what. 
What about you? Are you in the midst of a storm in your life? Feeling hopeless? Powerless?
Please don’t keep driving on your way. Do you only want a glimpse of what Christ has to offer?
Park the car—you’re missing something awesome and powerful!