Preparing for Graduation—Start Early!

by Sally Matheny

Preparing for Graduation
Graduation time is here. Congratulations and gifts are in order. Giving money is practical but, I also like to include a book. 

I know. I know. Unless the graduate is an avid reader, they may not read it. But as people mature they come to understand the power and wisdom words impart. Perhaps one day the graduate will realize the book’s value.     

Nonetheless, I went to the store to look for the perfect book. To find the best selection, I should have started earlier, not a few weeks before graduation.

A few gift books for graduates still line the shelves. To be honest, many appear boring. 

However, I notice a little, red book by Harry H. Harrison, Jr. The title sounds intriguing.

“1001 Things Every Teen Should Know Before They Leave Home (Or Else They’ll Come Back).”