Two Crazy Weeks

     We just finished two crazy weeks! My oldest child moved back home after being away at college,. My youngest had end of grade testing. My middle child had a trip to the ER, with a bout of pneumonia, one week and her high school graduation the next.

     Even though it has been hectic around here, I am thankful. Thankful my firstborn is returning home for the summer (I’m sure there’ll be an adjustment period for us all!) She did well her first year away from home. We're thankful she has grown even closer to her Lord while at college.

     We’re also happy our son did well as a homeschooled first-grader. His reading skills have improved over the year, even if his eagerness to read hasn’t. Hopefully, he did well on his EOG’s but if not, we’re thankful he was not stressed about them. We're glad we are in a position to use standardized tests the way they were intended to be used.

     We’re definitely thankful our middle child’s health is improving and was well enough to enjoy her graduation. While she doesn’t have a clear direction in her life, we're grateful she's earnestly seeking God’s guidance for her future vocation, mate, etc. We know what God has started He will bring to completion.

     I have to keep my “crazy” days in perspective. I have so many friends who are struggling with life-threatening illnesses, a spouse's death, a job loss, or rebellious teens.  Stress is stress no matter how you look at it, but it’s good to remember things could always be worse. Life can change in an instant. Cherish what you have while you have it. Slow down and savor life. Be thankful, even in the midst of the chaos.