Excellent Websites for Writers
While learning the craft of writing, I read a lot of books and blogs on the subject. 

However, too many times I've stopped reading a book because the author chose to use a highly offensive example—just to illustrate a writing technique! I'll overlook mild offenses, but when it's something I know displeases God, I have to stop. 

It bewilders me why a writing "expert" isn’t talented enough to write an instructional book or blog post without taking the Lord's name in vain or using some lewd subject matter.

When I teach writing classes, I like sharing helpful resources with my students. Regardless of their age, I will not recommend a source that repeatedly uses cursing and offensive subject matter.

I am unable to monitor every single word, but I have found the following resources consistently present top-quality instruction in an excellent and praiseworthy manner.

Websites for Writers (in random order):

Nancy Sanders www.blogzone.com

Vonda Skelton www.vondaskelton.com

K.M. Weiland www.kmweiland.com

Harold Underdown http://www.underdown.org

Serious Writer   http://www.seriouswriter.com/

*Please share if you know others that fall into this category!

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