Be Secure--Love Never Fails

Birds of a Feather Flock Together
Where I live, the mere mention of snow will ignite response teams for our “homeland security.” Adults will travel wherever necessary to retrieve survival supplies such as bread, milk, and chocolate in various forms. Committee members quickly communicate strategies for early dismissals from schools, churches, and workplaces. In addition, young people make sure all sledding equipment is ready for deployment as the need arises.

However, I live in the isothermal belt, which means the weather forecast is not always accurate. Most of us get excited about a snow prediction but usually snow doesn’t appear very often.

Therefore, many of us tend to doubt the weather forecaster’s enthusiasm.

When a mini-blizzard of two inches occurred yesterday, some of us were caught by surprise. Trying not to panic about the lack of milk and bread in the house, (the chocolate stash is always maintained); I headed outside to take some photos of the beautiful snowfall.

Swirling, white cotton candy fluffs were coming down fast. I perched on a corner of my front porch and watched the birds flitting about on the bird feeders. They took turns on the feeder. Some even pulled out seeds for those waiting on the ground. Their brown and white feathers blended with the snow quickly covering the ground.

A bright red spot appeared among the white limbs of the tree. The stately cardinal was not pushy, but persevering in hopes of acquiring some food for his beloved.

He does have a beloved, you know. Cardinals mate for life and stay together all year long. Sometimes they sing together but usually they take turns singing to each other. The male sings to his mate while she makes the nest. She enjoys the variety of music. After all, he knows at least two dozen songs.

Red Cardinal in the Snow
His mate also feels his protection. He will defend his territory against other males. She also appreciates his provision; when she is sitting on their eggs, he brings her food.

I watched the cardinal for a long time. He never fought for a place on the feeder but persisted in retrieving seeds from underneath it. He didn’t linger as long as the other birds but hurried home with his gift of love.

Jesus was right about the birds. They don’t sow, reap, or store up, and yet God takes care of them. (Matthew 6:26)

Sometimes the unexpected happens in our lives. We may feel inadequate and unprepared.

The Truth says we’re more valuable to God than the birds. He loves us and provides all we need. He will never fail us. If we trust Him, He will be by our side for eternity.

 “Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.  It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres. Love never fails.“  Corinthians 13: 6-8