Election Hub-Bub and Jesus

by Sally Matheny

     Signs, buttons and bumper stickers. Media from mail fliers to commercials. Printed T-shirts and caps. Free candy and pencils. Handshakes and baby-kissing. Ahh…elections are in the air.
     As much as we dislike the election “hub-bub,” we must realize its importance. The candidates need to make themselves known. Their supporters want to get information into the hands of as many voters as possible. Those who believe in their candidate will do everything possible to get him elected. They're adamant the nominee MUST win!
     What if every Christian acted as passionately about sharing Jesus Christ? Some Christians think their bumper stickers and T-shirts are sufficient. 

     If a conversation initiates, then a door may open.  However, without a real-live conversation about Jesus Christ, a bumper sticker alone is not going to persuade someone to follow Jesus.
Love God. Love People.
     Unless we couple our Jesus-sloganed apparel with a Jesus-filled life, our testimonies are no good. Why would people elect to have Jesus in their lives if we don’t share how Jesus is working wonderful changes in our own lives? People want living proof of what Christ can do. They want to see and hear the facts.

     Some churches choose to pass out free candy, pencils, and such in order to reach out to the community. The gifts may even have Jesus’ name stamped on them.
     People will toss the Jesus wrappers in the trash as quickly as they toss mailed election fliers. Will your church be remembered as the place they got free candy, or the place they received the free gift of salvation?
     There’s nothing wrong with giving gifts, just be sure to share the facts about the best Gift of all. The Gift that will change a life, not for a term, but for eternity!
     A well-placed witness tract may direct someone to Jesus. However, consider the influence of a sincere conversation. Just as the candidates prepare for debates, Christians should ready themselves to give the reasons why they believe as they do, and why they follow Jesus.

     If you truly have the love of Jesus, then containing it is difficult. You want to share that with everyone. You do whatever it takes to get His message into the hands of as many people as possible.
     Here’s the thing. Jesus is already the Victor for eternity. No ifs, ands, or buts. He wins!
     What about you? Is there a lot of Christian “hub-bub” in your life but very little Christ?
     Are you on His winning team? If so, how passionate is your campaign?