A Review & Giveaway of Children’s Picture Book- Behind my Bellybutton

by Sally Matheny

(Behind my Bellybutton by Elaine Tomski)
Let’s celebrate Sanctity of Life month by talking about a delightful children’s book! 

To top it off, author, Elaine Tomski, is generously donating an autographed copy of her book to one of my blog readers. Woo hoo! We love giveaways. 

First, let me tell you about this precious book.

Behind my Bellybutton is a hardcover picture book published by Ambassador International. It contains twenty-eight pages of colorful illustrations by Chris Danger.  

The story is about a little boy, Eli, discovering how God grew him behind his mother’s belly button. It's Eli's birthday and short, easy-to-understand conversations take place between Eli and his mother.

I love the author's descriptive and comparative language. It makes it easier for a young child to relate to something abstract with something they understand.

Eli first learns he was about the size of a poppy seed when he was “in the safe, warm place behind [his mom’s] bellybutton and near to [her] heart.”
Throughout the book, his mom repeats this phrase as Eli observes things and asks questions.

“Was I ever the size of a blueberry?” he asked.

“Once you were the size of a blueberry,” Mama said.

“What was I doing then?”

“Your heart was beating strong like a drum in the safe, warm place behind my bellybutton and near to my heart.”

Eli then comments how he notices his heart working today.

This sequence continues with Mama telling Eli what things he did before he was born when he was the size of an orange, a baseball, and finally a watermelon!

The book has a happy ending with Mama assuring Eli that no matter how big he grows, he will always be near to her heart.

Psalm 139:13 is in large print on the last page. God is mentioned at the beginning and at the end of the story, unless you count the author’s dedication to God our Creator on the dedication page. Then, it’s three!

I love this book. The story is endearing. Young children will find it interesting to learn how lively they were before they were born, even when they were as small as a blueberry.

Who wants to win this book? 

I'll choose a winner on Saturday, January 14, 2017. All you have to do to get your name placed in the drawing is leave a comment finishing this sentence:

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Your turn.

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