Do You Want to Know How to be a Great Dad? Pull Up a Chair.

by Sally Matheny

Want to Know How to Be a Great Dad?
Pull Up a Chair.
You wouldn’t think something as simple as a chair would have a profound effect on parenting. But it does. 

A well-placed and well-used chair can make all the difference. At least, it did for us. In our home, there was a special chair where my husband hung out and learned to be a great dad.

After our second daughter came along, he earned the title, “Bedtime Miester.”  Each night, the girls shouted over the hair dryer, “Daddy, pretend we…” and the evening’s adventure plan unfolded.

They giggled at their Daddy’s funny antics and became mesmerized by his bedtime stories. Until finally he said, “enough is enough. Time to go to sleep.” 

But it wasn’t enough.

They had to be rocked. Yes. Yes, they did.