What Do You Do When There's Pain in Your Life?

by Sally Matheny
What Do You Do When There's Pain in Your Life?
     Some of you, dear friends, have hearts in a vise of tension; your minds consumed with worry and fear, your bodies suffering. Physically and emotionally injured.
     Whether it's small or large, what do you do when there’s pain in your life?
     Even the sting of a paper cut lasts longer that we think it should. Just when we think it’s over, something settles in and irritates it. How can  a thing so little produce such a bite?

     But we know from experience, paper cuts heal. They are like pelting rain compared to the more serious squalls in life—broken relationships, job loss, disease, and physical pain.
     Recently, I’ve dealt with a new, physical pain in my life. Although a bit overwhelmed by its painful onset, I waited for it to heal. As the weeks passed, discouragement tried to settle in and irritate the healing process.
     At times, we respond like an animated feature. You know, where one little guy sits on one shoulder and another little guy sits on the other shoulder; trying to convince you in their conversation.
You’ll get over this.
(Nah, this is probably your lot in life.)
It takes time. Maybe you should try this and this … and this … and this!
(Time, schmime. This is for the birds, let’s pitch a hissy-fit. Let’s gripe and grumble!)
     It’s time to flick the little cartoon characters off our shoulders and consult the real deal. God’s truth brings comfort and healing.
Storms of Life
     I was reminded of this the other night when my little boy crawled in our bed, afraid of the booming thunderstorm. Reaching across and placing my hand on his head, he relaxed and tried to fall back asleep. Moments later, I moved my hand up a little to see if he was asleep and he quickly slid his head back up under my hand. I smiled thinking of the comfort my hand brought him.
     Even though my son was afraid, I was not. I knew the brevity of thunderstorms but my heart longed to comfort him until it passed.
     Then I sensed God’s gentle hand on my head. As warm tears trickled onto my pillow, I thanked my heavenly Father. He knows the depth and the length of my injury. It's His desire to heal me and during that healing process He longs to offer me comfort, mercy, and even treasures along the way.
     Just as we long to comfort our children when they are hurting or afraid, so much more does God want to comfort us. Let’s seek Him fervently, and nestle closer under His loving hand.

     Are you trusting God in the midst of life's storms?