Top Ten Blog Posts

by Sally Matheny

Several websites are taking this month to feature their Top Ten Blog Posts of 2013. I began blogging regularly in July 2012 producing a total of eighty-four posts. These are the top ten blog posts viewed in 2013, even though three of them were written in 2012.

#10 John Tesh Concert: Talent, Testimonies, and T-Shirts http://sallymatheny.blogspot.com/2012/09/john-tesh-concert-talent-testimonies.html

John Tesh
This was about a fun date my husband and I had in 2012. I find the blog statistics very interesting. Over the past few months, the page views for this post have risen at a consistent rate. Unusually so—like approximately the same number each week. I’m wondering if John Tesh’s PR guy (who is mentioned in the post) is driving the numbers up. Nah. Surely, he has better advertising techniques than using my little blog. However, he did use magic markers on a Fruit of the Loom T-shirt for a prize, so one has to wonder.

#9 Titanic Survival Story: Emily Ryerson’s and Mine

Surviving Titanic Camp
An interesting comparison between an actual 1912 survivor of the ship, Titanic, and me surviving a S.C. Museum’s Titanic Camp!

#8 (Tie)The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

The Best Christmas Pagaent Ever

One of my favorite memories. It was one of the best pageants ever because of “Joseph.”

#8 (Tie) Get Engaged? Before You Set the Date There’s One Thing You Need to Do

Get Engaged?

Surprisingly, this post made the top ten list just one week after it was posted!

#7 Pushing Children Out of Their Comfort Zones

Pushing Children Out of Their Comfort Zones
We all need strength for the Christian parenting journey.

#6 Sweet Surprise

Sweet Surprise
A short and sweet 2012 post. I think people just want to see the man I married!

#5 First of Impressions and Best of Intentions

First Impressions Hit the Ceiling
A hilarious story about the first time my daughter’s future in-laws came for a visit. The best of intentions and the first impression hit the ceiling!

#4 Running in the Rain

Running in the Rain
An entertaining reminder not to lose your spunk—no matter what your age.
Written in 2012 but still holds the #4 spot.

#3 When the Powerless Pray

When the Powerless Pray
An amazing story of what powerless Christians did in the middle of town.

#2 Preserving Your Wedding Dress and Your Marriage

Preserving Your Wedding Dress

A great deal is discovered when opening my preserved wedding gown.

#1 Wedding Day Security Checklist: Armor for the Bride

Wedding Day Security Checklist: Armor for the Bride
A devotion to share with a future bride, reminding her of the armor she needs on her wedding day and beyond.


If we only consider articles posted in 2013 then these three would have made the top ten list instead of the three posts written in 2012:

Sweet Sandpaper Dreams: Dealing with Chronic Pain http://sallymatheny.blogspot.com/2013/10/sweet-sandpaper-dreams.html

This post brought several messages my way—some sweet, some sad. May the Lord give strength to all those who deal with chronic pain.

Eighty-One Percent Chance of Buried Treasure on Your Property

Perhaps the title alone lured readers to click on this one. I hope they were successful in finding the treasure!

This was a fun one. I got the chair. My son got the spaceship and we all look forward to the future!

The Big Girl Chair, the Spaceship, and the Future
I want to take this moment to say thank you to all my readers and subscribers. It is my prayer you continue to find encouragement on this blog.  May you reflect on ordinary things under His extraordinary Light!