Learn From My Mistake - Don't Wait (Easter)

Dear friends,

A long time ago, I made a choice which brought great sadness. I share this because I want you to learn from my mistake.

One evening, some friends came by and invited me to go with them very early the next morning to the grave site of a dear friend. When I say very early I mean, before the sun was up.

I don’t know why they even asked me. They know I'm not a “morning person.” Ideally, the sun should rise two hours before me. Besides, I was already depressed. The grave site was the last place I wanted to be.

I told my friends, Joanna and Mary, “You’re early-risers. You go ahead. I don't want to go.”

Mary and Joanna looked disappointed, but I didn’t feel bad about staying home. It had been an extremely stressful week. Someone we loved dearly had died unexpectedly.  I had not slept well for several nights. I was exhausted.So other women went with Joanna and Mary.

And because of my choice to stay home, I missed something wonderful. Something miraculous!