2012 Obstacles become 2013 Stepping Stones

You had some accomplishments last year but you also ran into a few snags didn’t you? Is progress impeded because you’re still standing behind those obstacles? Be strong and courageous. Let’s make our 2012 obstacles become 2013’s stepping-stones.

Not long ago my family was walking on a beautiful trail at author, Carl Sandburg’s home in North Carolina. The air was as crisp as the leaves floating gracefully to the ground. We had just finished a picnic and decided to meander around the lake. After awhile, we saw a sign pointing towards the Sandburg home. The map stated two ways to get to the home. One way was on the paved driveway and the other path led through the woods. Of course, I wanted to take the scenic route!

Beautiful nature surrounded us and we took our course. The fallen leaves on the ground were moist from an earlier rain but the skies were clear. It was a great day for walking. The path soon became a steady incline. A few places I had to regain my balance after slipping on the leaves. My cheery conversation wavered. I slowed down for safety and for more oxygen!

Just when I thought I had things under control, massive roots began to appear in my path. Huge, cumbersome roots. Okay, so they weren’t that huge, but at the time it felt like it to me. Great, I thought, I was enjoying this walk until I started slipping…then panting…and now I have to maneuver over these huge roots. Why didn’t I choose the smooth road?

While I was contemplating my circumstances, I began to notice the roots required me to pick my feet up higher but they actually were helping me in my climb. They were staggered just so resembling stair steps. The roots were anchoring my shoes from slipping on the wet leaves.

My apologies, Lord. Thank you for the roots. We made it to the top to another breathtaking view. The path ended at a large rock formation protruding from the ground. I guess Carl Sandburg could have complained about the massive rock outcropping in his backyard. No pretty, green grass could grow there. However, Mr. Sandburg was a wise man. He placed a large wicker chair on that rock. He made a quiet place for him to go think and write. Many times his family would join him there. The rock became a stage for their music and sharing stories.

Did you slip up in 2012? Are you still standing on a hard rock obstacle, wondering what to do with it? Perhaps there was an easier path but what’s done is done. No matter what cropped up in 2012, we can learn a lot if we have the right perspective. Look back at those problems that took root in your path. What can you learn from them? How can they make you stronger and wiser? No matter what the obstacles, you have to keep going in order to reach your destination. Pray for perseverance and push through. Remember, if we don’t encounter any problems, we tend to forget our need for God. We would not fully appreciate reaching our goals. The victory would not be as sweet. Use last year’s obstacles as stepping stones for this year’s goals.

Share your victory with us! What was an obstacle you overcame last year or are using as a stepping-stone for this year?