Encouraging others is my passion. My first preference is to do that by coming alongside one person at a time--building a friendship through shared conversations and experiences. However, sometimes God uses a clay pot, such as I am, to encourage larger gatherings as well.

The following are titles of group presentations I've done before. Several were prepared for multi-generational audiences, such as those attending mother-daughter events.

Fill Me Up and Pour Me Out  

If I'm Meant to be a Butterfly--then Why am I Stuck as a Caterpillar?   

Courage in Christ

Treasured Possessions

Shine Like Stars

Crossroads of Decisions: Finding Your Purpose (includes our Adoption Story)

What's Your Story?

The American Home Front of WWII

If you would like more information on one of these, or if you'd like me to speak on a specific topic, or work within a certain theme, please contact me using the "Contact" tab located at the top.

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