Review of Christian Movie: The Good Book & a Giveaway

by Sally Matheny

Christian Film:
The Good Book

Usually, I only write book reviews. But when I was contacted about reviewing a silent, one-hour long, evangelistic movie, I was intrigued enough to say yes.

Fred and Sharon Wilharm applied the top rule of writing: show, don't tell, when producing the film, The Good Book. 

This award-winning movie has received the Dove Foundation’s highest award of five doves.” I’m one of those people who greatly considers the dove seals when selecting movies.

But I was curious if images alone could bolster enough story to present a strong message.

The Good Book begins with a young boy’s tragic experience of a house fire. He eventually ends up at a homeless camp and that’s where the “main character,” a small, New Testament Bible, is introduced.

The boy’s story ends but the journey of the little, red Bible continues. Fourteen people come in contact with the Bible. Some reject it; others allow God to speak to them through it. As their lives transform, some write their names inside the cover of the Bible, before passing it along to others.

Believers and non-believers will find someone to identify with in the movie. But like the real world, everything isn’t all neat and tidy. There are plenty of surprises in the film. The characters you think will cling to God’s Word don’t always do so. When you’re thinking here comes trouble, they’re actually blessings.

The story moves at an attention-grabbing pace and just as you’re wondering whose life will be changed next, BAM, you’re hit with a powerful, gut-wrenching ending. But just as God always does, he takes what we view as an ending, and begins anew. The movie ends with a vision of hope.

This is a film that leaves a lasting impression…something you’re pondering over for days. Hopefully, it points you to the only truly good book, God’s Holy Word, 
and changes your life forever.   

The Good Book  

It amazes me how the Wilharms, actors, and cast projected such a powerful message without saying a word. And they did it with excellence.

I highly recommend this movie for ages 12 and up. You can find it at Lifeway, Family Christian, ChristianBookDistributors.com and other locations. Check out the GoodBookMovie website to watch movie trailers and read more about it.

Here's your chance to win a free copy of the DVD! For each person who leaves a comment on the blog, we will write their names down and put them in the honest hat. (Trust me, it’s an honest hat.) We’ll shake them up and randomly draw a name and announce the winner Saturday, March 21. 

Inside the cover of the DVD, I've placed a note card. I'm hoping people will write their first name on it before passing the movie along to others. Just like the little Bible in the film, let's see where God takes this movie.

*Congratulations to the winner: Madonna!