Day Two at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference

Making Great Friends at BRMCWC
Day two at the conference sent me in all directions. Again, I became lost. I wonder if someone could invent a room locater? I could type in my current location, Holly E, and my desired location, Mountain Laurel #2. My lovely device would then systematically take me where I’d like to go. Then, that sweet, older man who works here wouldn’t feel so bad for me. After asking him for directions several times today, he insisted he take me to the building in his golf cart. I was totally embarrassed but I enjoyed chatting with him about his family. The staff here is exceptional.

Todd Starnes (FOX News) at BRMCWC
Embarrassment was the highlight of my day! The class schedule is printed in size 2 font and I forgot my glasses in my room. I thought I would try Todd Starnes (of FOX News) class on blogging. After the nice man in the red shirt drove me to the front door, I bumbled in a few minutes late. I hastily found the room number and quietly slid in the door. Apparently, not quiet enough as all seven of the punctual ones turned to see who came in late. I smiled weakly and mouthed the word, "sorry."

Celebrating with a new friend who just got a nod of
interest from agent, Blythe Daniel!
It didn’t take me two minutes to figure I had made a mistake. I had looked at the wrong day on the schedule. Mr. Starnes was talking about how to prepare for TV and radio interviews once your book is published. Have you all read my book? Yeah, well, there's a reason for that. (I write for magazines)

Then, horror of horrors, Todd Starnes begins going around the room asking people their areas of expertise. The answers began, “lawyer…lawyer…doctor…" What have I done? How do I get out of here?

Mr. Starnes must have a sixth sense. Or perhaps he noticed my jaw on the floor. He asked every person except me.
Nonetheless, I had an answer ready to verbalize as professionally as possible.
“My area of expertise is an extensive study of cerebral disorientation.”
An eternity of a minute later, a photographer came in to take a few photos. Before the door could shut behind her, I made my quick getaway.

Author and BRMCWC co-director, Edie Melson
Oh, and if some photo pops up somewhere about published authors at BRMCWC, just overlook that lady with the red sweater and matching face in the back row.
(There have been many great things happening during my time here as well. I promise to share those soon.)