Blessings Abound After Writing Conference

Cecil Murphey & Sally Apokedak
at Write2Ignite! Writers' Conference

It has been a busy, busy time with the Write2Ignite! Writers’ Conference.  A year of praying and planning has come to completion. Blessings abound.

Joanna Echols and Sally Matheny
God blessed everyone with a great conference. We came away with our hearts inspired by music and encouraging words. In our hands, we carried home a tote bag full of notes, freebies, books—all which will enable us to become better writers. Our minds are full with memories of making new friends and catching up with old ones. Our energy depleted, but our souls filled with the words God has spoken to us during our time at the conference.

While I always learn a great deal at writing conferences, one of my favorite aspects is making new friends. At a Christian conference, the ties that bind us are even sweeter.
I’m sharing a few photos with you this week. Hope you enjoy them and perhaps next year, I’ll see you at Write2Ignite!
Jan Prahl at one of the book tables

Kristi Butler talks with editor Vicki Moss

Adults & Teens at Write2Ignite Lunch

A Wonderful Bunch of Teens!
Authors: Donna Earnhardt & Kelly Starling Lyons

Kim Peterson & Sally Matheny
First Pages Panel of Agents & Editors

Our prayer for Write2Ignite is for every person to hear God speak to them during the conference.
I felt God's presence throughout the conference and witnessed Him working in different
people's lives, including my own.
Has God whispered to your heart this week?
 Has He asked you to try something new?
Perhaps you've been asked to move from a nice, cushy spot to a more difficult place.
Maybe He wants you to let go of something old and refresh your grip on Him.
I would love to hear how God has spoken to you this past week.