A Pondering Heart

by Sally Matheny

"Mary treasured up all these things and pondered them in her heart." (Luke 2:19)
God knew Mary’s heart. It was humble enough and trusting enough to care for His treasure. With God's help, Mary's heart would also grow strong enough.

Mary was afraid when she first saw the angel. He comforted her, but how her heart must have raced at the news of her pregnancy. She, a virgin, would mother the Son of the Most High!

After the angel left, Mary was so excited she could do nothing but pack her bags and hurry to her cousin Elizabeth’s house. For three months, they enjoyed each other’s company. Praying and giggling in delight about both of their miracle babies.

The time finally came for Mary to give birth. Was she concerned discovering her birthing room was a stable? Or that God’s Son would spend his first night in an animal’s manger? Perhaps after everything she had already experienced, she did not worry. Mary fully trusted in God’s provision.

Later, Mary sat gazing at the newborn in her arms. She and Joseph knew he was God’s Son. Elizabeth knew as well. Would others believe?

Mary may have been surprised to hear the staffs of shepherds tapping outside. They were asking if they may come in and worship the Child. Her humble heart was overwhelmed with love and joy. Holding Jesus close for warmth, she could not fully understand the magnitude of the gift she cradled. Angels were praising God and telling of his birth. Strangers were coming to bow down before him.

Words were acutely inadequate to describe what she felt. She could only treasure the moments and ponder them in her heart.

What a night! Joyful but exhausted, Mary sang the baby to sleep. Perhaps she sang the same song she had sung to God only nine months earlier. Gently swaying…pondering and praising. Remembering the miracles and wondering what lie ahead. Praising God for his mercy and gift of love.

What has God given you to ponder?
What are you treasuring in your heart this Christmas?