Do We Tell Our Kids the Whole Truth and Nothing but the Truth?

by Sally Matheny
Telling the Whole Truth
     When testifying in court, people say an oath, an affirmation, or a promise to tell the whole truth. Some lay a hand on what they consider their holy book while others will only pledge on an ordinary book with a black cover. 

     No matter what the beliefs of the witness are, he is expected to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
     We clearly understand courtroom expectations. However, do we tell our kids the whole truth and nothing but the truth?
     Most parents understand how much of the truth a child can handle. For instance, we know we dare not tell our young children of some of the evil in the world lest they worry and not sleep at night.
     Also, many parents understand the delicacy of honesty. When our child asks us if we like Grandma’s new purple hair, we know how to hedge with, “Grandma loves purple.  It matches the purple flowers on her dress, doesn’t it? Let’s go see what Dad is doing.”

     However, wise parents tell their children the truth when it concerns life-and-death situations.

     We teach them the truths of life preservation from the moment we know they can understand. 

     We tell them the dangers of mixing water with electricity, running through a parking lot, or playing near the road.  Don’t play tug-o-war on the stairs. Don’t stick metal tongs in the toaster. Don’t double-dog dare your brother to put his hand down the garbage disposal.
     We do not hesitate to tell them the truth about the consequences of unsafe behaviors.
     It is second nature to teach life-saving truths to our children. However, the spiritual truths sometimes get lost in the hustle of everyday life. Or do we simply choose to avoid them?
     Should we not be just as concerned, if not more so, about the spiritual truths? Don’t they ultimately have the potential to save our children’s lives?
     Of course, we need to take into account what is age-appropriate. All children mature differently.

Are we sugarcoating God's judgment?
     However, at times, do we find ourselves sugarcoating God’s judgment and practically eliminating his wrath in conversations with our kids?

     Do we try to rationalize or rectify things we should not?

     Do we exempt or embellish parts of His Holy Word?

     Are we clinging more to worldly traditions than godly Truth?
     God help us.

     Lord, thank you for sending us your Son who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.
     Please give us a keen awareness of your Truth concerning all things. God, teach us so we may teach our children.
     Forgive us if we have distorted your Truth in any way. Help us to stand firm and not run carelessly on the world’s easy route.
     Please, O Lord, help us be courageous parents who seek the Truth, apply the Truth, and teach the Truth.  Amen.

Help us be courageous parents who
seek, apply, and teach the Truth.

     Will you pledge to tell your children and grandchildren God’s Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth?