Carrying Around Injected Lies Since Childhood

by Sally Matheny

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We hear lies every day from all avenues of media. As adults, we try to research, seek wisdom, and discern the lies from the truth. Sometimes, children aren’t as fortunate. Even some adults still carry around lies they were injected with during childhood.

I remember when I was about ten years old, our fifth grade class received boxes of beautiful books. We were told the class would be divided into small groups. Each group would have their own book to read through together during the year. 

We’d never had “reading groups” before, but we thought it sounded like fun. My friends and I were excited to see which of the pretty books we would get. We thought the book titled “Diversity” had a pretty cover and “Serendipity” looked cool, too.

Tina, Kim, and I had been best friends since kindergarten. We liked doing everything together. It never occurred to us we could be separated.
The students took a reading placement test. Apparently, the attractive books varied in reading difficulty. The next afternoon, the teacher called out each book title followed by the names of who was in each group.
Smiles and squeals darted across the room as the names were called for the “Diversity” group. Several of my friends’ names were called including Kim’s. After a few other names were announced, soggy butterflies filled my stomach.
I whispered to Tina, “How many people can be in each group?” She answered with a half-smile and shrug of her shoulders. The teacher called another name— Tina’s. Tina and Kim celebrated. Surely, my name would be next.

It was not.
Stunned by the sudden isolation, I barely heard my name called for the “Galaxies” group. Other names were called, but I did not hear them.

The Diversity reading group was asked to move to an area at the front of the room. I watched in agony as all my closest friends excitedly walked past me.

Satan's lies inject us with fears and doubts.
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That was the day Satan injected me with a lie. I began to believe I was not smart or good enough.
The lie circulated in my system for so many years, I believed it to be true. 

Was it my teacher’s fault? No. The Department of Education’s? Maybe. Satan’s? Absolutely.
So, what lie have you believed most of your life?

“You’re ugly.”

“You’ll never amount to anything.”
“You’re just average.”

"There's nothing special about you."
“No one will ever love you.”

I hope you know now they are all lies.
I remember going to my teacher after school that day. With tears in my eyes, I asked her if there was any way I could be in the Diversity group. She explained about the placement test but assured me if I worked hard, I would catch up to them.
I was determined to join them in the Diversity group. I did work hard but reading groups in the schools, back then, weren’t really geared for self-pacing. There was never an opportunity to advance and join the same group as my friends.

My compassionate teacher always gave me hope and inspired me to keep at it. She never did anything to make me feel inferior. She and my parents encouraged me to do my best and not to worry about anything else.
With God's help we can break the chain of lies
 we believe about ourselves.
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I worked hard, but somehow I still locked into the lie that I was substandard. It would be years before I allowed God to break that chain.
The fact is my friends were academically smarter. They scored higher on achievement tests and didn’t seem to struggle with some of the subjects I did. But that's okay. God had different talents and strengths in mind for me.

And He has a superb plan for each of you. He created each of us to be unique. How amazing is that?
The problem is, we slow down the progression of that wonderful plan when we mire up in Satan's lies. 

But God's powerful. Nothing is impossible with him. If we will let go of the lies, God will work amazing wonders! He can transform our weaknesses into His power tools! He can convert our self-imposed hindrances into catapults to reach others for His kingdom.

Are you hanging onto a lie from long ago? Hit the eject button, and prepare to be amazed at what the Truth can do!