Big Announcement- We're Moving!

Sally Matheny
(Saundra Clay Photography)
A few of you have already heard that we're moving. No, not the Matheny family. Thank goodness! It was difficult enough just to move to a new website!

Who knew it would be so difficult transferring my blog posts from Blogger to WordPress? If I had known I may not have done it.

A family friend came several times to help with the transfer. As soon as he would leave, everything kept crashing. I was afraid I wasn't smart enough to handle the move and was just about to give up. 

Then, I made one of the best decisions I've made all year. I recruited a prayer team! I'm so thankful and praising the Lord for them.

After that, I just let go of my expectations and said, "Lord, it's in your hands."

If I had not experienced the continual frustration, I would not have had interaction with some special people. God has that special way of bringing good out of something that is seemingly bad.

I learned that the computer woes were not due to my ineptness after all but there was a big snafu with the hosting company.

It's taken months longer than I anticipated to migrate over. But I certanly have been learning a great deal in the process. I'm still learning!

Which will explain why not every one of my old posts is published on the new website yet. Everything has to be reformatted and all the photos removed and reinserted. It's going to take awhile.

Ready to put web design behind me, I'm eager to get back to writing and fellowshipping with you all. 

Thank you for hanging in there with me. Some of you have been with me since I started blogging in 2012. It took me a while to find my focus. The more I blogged the clearer it became. I also appreciate your mercifulness while I continue to learn how to write well. 

It's a scary thing trying to figure out the best way to convey what's in our minds and hearts. Whether you blog or not, we all have a story, a message, something we're passionate to share. 

Yet, sometimes our fears of inadequacy, of failure, or mistreatment freeze our mouths shut. Our pens and keyboards lie silent. All because of fear. 

I'm here to tell you, you just have to take that first step. And then another one.

For me, praying for the help of Jesus Christ is my strength. But He expects me to do my part of the work as well.

If we're waiting on perfect skills before we ever put them into practice, we'll never begin.

We just have to start sharing
our story. Simple. Awkward. Whatever. If it is sincere and is presented with love, God can use it. He can't use our message if we never release our words.

That was a long way of telling you thanks for bearing with me as I stumble and stammer for the right words. I want you to join me in the adventure!

Lord willing, and nothing else crashes, the new website launches tomorrow, Monday, September 3, 2018, at 12:00 noon. 

There will be several giveaways. Stop by for a visit at

Candy Apple Blessings Book Review & Giveaway

by Sally Matheny

Candy Apple Blessings by Maddie Frost
Perhaps your little one is just beginning to discover the pleasures of each season. Why not introduce the fun season of fall with the board book, Candy Apple Blessings?

This book contains twenty, full-color illustrations on sturdy cardstock that's sure to stand up to little toddler hands.

A dog, cat, and mouse take us along on various fall activities--from making a fall wreath, camping, and taking a hayride, to visiting the pumpkin patch, a corn maze, and a petting zoo. Plus, many more!

Most of the text is rhyming and each page features either special words for a sound or action.

"The tractor chugs all day.
We ride on bales of hay.
We cheer and laugh and play!
Let's have some hayride fun!"

Little ones will enjoy the bright colors and each illustration has plenty of things to talk about and a wide variety of animals to find. 

There is a multitude of fall scenes but no jack-o-lanterns are present. The cover of the book has shiny foil apples but no shiny foil is used within the book. I think kids would have enjoyed a few more shiny foil illustrations but they'll have much to enjoy in this delightful, little book.

This board book is published by Thommy Nelson and is classified as a religious book. However, the only religious reference comes on the last page:

"We pray before we eat
and thank God for our treats.

God's love is oh-so sweet!
God thank you for fall blessings!"

This book will be one of the special giveaway prizes on the launch day of my new website- Labor Day, September 3, 2018. I hope you'll pop in for a visit.

Candy Apple Blessings Book Giveaway on 9/3/18

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from the publisher through the BookLook Bloggers book review bloggers program. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own. I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR, Part 255