Is There a Writer in You?

 by Sally Matheny

English and Journalism degrees are not mandatory. A lifelong desire to author a book is not required. Burning the midnight oil is not obligatory. Then how do you know if there is a writer in you?

Do you enjoy encouraging, teaching, and guiding other people? Perhaps you have a knack for always cheering others up, even to the point of laughter in the midst of their tears.

Maybe there is something you are passionate about and want others to share your enthusiasm.

Have you overcome a difficult hurdle in life and want to help others who are experiencing something similar?

If there is something filling your heart so full, it’s bursting to get out, then you may want to consider writing.

Writing does not always have to be published in order to assist someone. A thoughtful letter, card, or email can be wonderful blessings. Even a journal passed down through the generations is treasured.

However, pray and ask God how He wants to use you and your writing. Perhaps it is time to consider writing for print and on-line publications.
Your words may bless one reader if you share it with a friend or family member. Yet, if you write for a magazine, your message may encourage thousands.
Wondering how to get started? There are how-to books you can check out at the library. However, one of the best ways is to attend a Writers’ Conference.
Start with a smaller conference to avoid feeling overwhelmed. The Write2Ignite Writers' Conference http://www.write2ignite.com is a wonderful place to begin your writing journey.
This conference specializes for Christians who write (or want to learn how to write) for children and young adults. The variety of workshops (on magazine writing, picture books, devotionals, illustrating, social media, and so much more!) is sure to help beginning writers as they navigate their way in the world of writing.

Another great thing about Write2Ignite is they also offer a track for teens.
Write2Ignite is held every March at North Greenville University in Travelers Rest, South Carolina.
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Also, I recommend Writers Advance Boot Camp http://www.writersadvancebootcamp.com.

Writing for publications requires learning how to write for each one. It takes work and plenty of patience.
If you think God wants you to share your message by writing, you have to do your part. Learn everything you can about the craft of writing. Continually sharpen your skills in order to be a useful tool.
What story is whirling in your mind right now? What heart message is bursting to get out?
Think about it. Pray about it. Is there a writer in you?


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