How God Used Human Error- Mission Trip Miracle Story #2

       Someone made a big mistake, a costly mistake. She tried to make it right but was unsuccessful. Regrets and frustration have nagged her for a whole year.
        Two weeks before our mission team was set to go to Vermont, the missionary assigned as the VBS coordinator hit a snag. She discovered she would not be able to go on the trip. Asked to step in as VBS coordinator, I agreed.
        I had never been on a mission trip to this area. I didn’t know what the setup would be like or what we needed. I was informed the teachers would have a teacher’s packet and there would be a DVD to use for opening worship BUT the materials needed careful handling because they would be used for VBS in a N.C. church when we returned. Everything was on loan. And while there would be crafts for the kids, there would not be Bible story materials for the kids to take home.
        No problem. We would be careful with what we borrowed. I cataloged everything. Based on last year's numbers, we were expecting between 10 – 15 students total.
       The Bible teachers could hold up a picture and tell the story since there weren’t any take-home sheets, Bible cards, etc. We could make it work with a small group.
        I know I bugged the leading pastor of our mission trip to death as I texted my 101 questions.
        “Do I need to make nametags?”
        “No, I’ll pick up the sticky ones.”

        “I can’t locate the VBS DVD in the packet of supplies I was given. Do you know where it is?”
        “No. Call around.”

And so the texting went back and forth for over a week. It wasn’t until a few days before departure that the loaned DVD was finally located. There was mention of a poster needed to announce the VBS. I decided to wait until we got there to reduce damage in transit.
        Remember the lady I mentioned at the beginning? The one who made a costly mistake? She over-ordered VBS supplies for her church the previous summer. She heard we were going on a mission trip…didn’t know if it was something we could use...but if I wanted to come pick them up I could.
        My first question was if we had to return them (I surely didn’t want to try to keep up with two different churches' VBS curriculum!) She assured me the items were ours to keep.
        Expecting some used items, maybe a poster or two, or a few miscellaneous take-home papers, I was greatly surprised when I picked up the box of supplies.
        First, everything was the same theme and curriculum we planned to use on the mission trip. There were over 50 die-cut, adorable nametags. A huge, colorful, vinyl VBS banner greeted me along with a ton of take-home Bible study cards, storybooks for toddlers, and ABC salvation cards. Everything was brand-new and still in shrink-wrap. God had opened the floodgates! There was even a copy of the worship DVD!
        Joy swelled up inside me. If God was doing all this before we even left for our mission trip, how much more was He planning to do in Vermont? My mustard seed faith sprouted again. I could not contain my excitement! I shared, with anyone who would listen, about what God was doing. We now had gospel materials to put in the hands of children to take home.
        However, I thought God would send more than the expected fifteen kids. Why would He send all those materials if He wasn’t planning to do something BIG?

        He did! For those who missed the announcement last week—sixty-five different children and several adults came to our VBS. Nineteen chose Jesus Christ to be their Lord and Savior!
        I don’t know the lady who made the big "mistake,” but will someone please tell her God gloriously used it? It wasn't a mistake after all. 
       Isn’t God awesome? When we give our best and still fall short, God steps in with an amazing plan.