I'm Walking the Walk and Climbing the Tree

Sally Matheny says "Give a Child a Tree!"
I am receiving lots of photos and stories from parents and children who have accepted my challenge to climb a tree. I just wanted everyone to see I'm not just talking the talk. I'm walking the walk and climbing a tree, too!
Join me on my two week campaign (Give a Child a Tree). Peel your children off the couch, take a walk and climb a tree together. Don't allow your child to be the one out of three kids who have never climbed a tree! (Based on a study of kids ages 6 - 15)
Send me a photo and/or a story of your child in a tree and get one entry in a drawing for an outdoor toy. Send me a photo and/or story of YOU and your child in a tree together and you'll get two entries.

I did have one man who asked what if he got his family of seven in a tree on one branch! :)

Well, first I'd say for everyone to please be safe! And I'll tell you what, I'll give a drawing entry for every two people in your family you get in the same tree. (So, a family of 7 will get three entries!) They do not have to be on the same branch. In fact, I would rather them not be on the same branch!

If you're wondering where my kids are and why they aren't in the tree with me--two are in college and my 8 yr. old took the picture! He LOVES this contest and wants to see more pictures so keep sending them in!

You do not have to climb high. Just get in the tree and have fun!

A reminder: You can send photos/stories to this blog, my facebook page, my email or snail mail.
                     Deadline is Nov. 17th.