A Book Review of THIS LIFE I LIVE by Rory Feek and a Giveaway!

by Sally Matheny

This Life I Live by Rory Feek
“I wish I was doing something important in my life.” Have you ever said these words? Longed for a life, or a love, that was exceptional?

God has the power to press the extraordinary out of the ordinary. Rory Feek can attest to that.

You'll have to forgive me. I’m probably in the 1% of folks who had not heard of Joey and Rory Feek until I saw a clip on Facebook a while back promoting their movie, To Joey with Love. But that one small clip drew me in. I knew I wanted to learn more about this ordinary man, this ordinary woman, and their extraordinary love story.

I’m sure country music fans are aghast that I was unfamiliar with the Feek name, but it is what it is. Perhaps it’s because I rarely listen to the radio, and country music isn’t what I typically listen to when I do.

Nonetheless, this book is not about country music. It’s about love, grace, and redemption. If you’re in the 1% like me and unfamiliar with the Feeks, the book, This Life I Live makes a wonderful introduction.

As the subtitle of the book states, it’s about “one man’s extraordinary, ordinary life and the woman who changed it forever.”

This Life I Live released in 2017 by the W Publishing Group, an imprint of Thomas Nelson. The author, Rory Feek, is a songwriter and entrepreneur. Not only does he write music, but also films, books, and a blog.

I know this is a book review but let me just take a moment to share about Rory Feek’s blog. It’s titled the same as the book, www.thislifeilive.com. Rory’s photos and words are gentle, heartfelt sentiments, yet so strong, they’ll unclog that lump deep in your heart. It’ll hurt rising through your throat, unless you release the pressure, and cry a little. After you read this review, you need to go there and sit a spell. Bask in the peace of simple living and savor the serene, honest views.

Rory used the same transparency when writing this book. Coming from a broken family and poor conditions, Rory candidly shares his stories of growing up. He often adds humor and he always sums things up with grace.

The short chapters take us for a ride through his turbulent life in search for peace before finding it in Jesus. Even then, he had to hammer out his faith and he continues to grow in his spiritual walk.

It’s not until about halfway through the book before we discover how Rory met Joey, about their love and marriage. If you’ve already heard about their amazing love story, you may be surprised by his account of their first two years of marriage. It’s real, which is why people can relate to it.  

The Feeks' story holds heartaches and love. Cancer without cures. Life and death. Continual love and joy.   

The book is chock full of wisdom and presented in a genuine, down-to-earth way. Like Joey in her beloved garden, readers need to cultivate the words and reap the harvest.

I highly recommend this book. This book is a great gift for any man, no matter where he is on his life journey. I’d give it to guys for high school or college graduation. My fifty- year-old husband and my seventy-year-old dad will enjoy it.

Joey, Heidi, and Rory Feek
(flickr photo)

The only thing missing from this book was the inclusion of photos. Most biographies have them. I would love to have seen photos of the couple when they got married, of the garden Joey loved, of their kids and the farmhouse. Nonetheless, you can see plenty of those photos on Rory’s blog. Plus, you can view videos and hear the Feek’s beautiful music.

Both men and women will find inspiration and encouragement on the blog and in this book. They’ll be challenged to allow God to weave the extraordinary into their ordinary lives. Rory helps us see how obtaining a wonderful, exceptional life is not at all about how much money or stuff you have.

However, one thing worth adding to your collection is this book. Would you love a chance to win this book?

All you have to do to enter is leave a comment below, or on my facebook page under the post about this book review. Everyone who comments will have his or her names placed in the Honest Hat. I’ll draw a winner in on July 14, 2017.

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*The Winner is Nancy L. of South Carolina! Congratulations, Nancy! I'll contact you about where I should mail your book.


  1. Sally, I haven't heard of them either, but you've definitely made me want to read the book and check out his blog!

    1. Hey, Cricket! Rory has a great book and a heartwarming blog. Thank you for stopping by. Your name is in the hat!

  2. Nccrazymama7/9/17, 7:34 AM

    I actually found Joey and Rory when I was looking for gospel songs to learn on Youtube several years ago. I fell in love with their sound and their lives that they lived. It was amazing how everything they did and everything they had they always gave God the glory for it all. It was refreshing because so few people do that in this day and time. God used them to touch so many people's lives and to show us how God's grace can get us through the toughest of times. Love love love their story!

    1. Thank you for sharing such beautiful sentiments. Your name is in the honest hat!

  3. Very cool giveaway.... would love to read this book!

    1. HarperCollins provides some terrific books for me to read. Perhaps you'll win one! If not, stay tuned. I usually host a giveaway about once a month.


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