Learn From My Mistake - Don't Wait (Easter)

Dear friends,

A long time ago, I made a choice which brought great sadness. I share this because I want you to learn from my mistake.

One evening, some friends came by and invited me to go with them very early the next morning to the grave site of a dear friend. When I say very early I mean, before the sun was up.

I don’t know why they even asked me. They know I'm not a “morning person.” Ideally, the sun should rise two hours before me. Besides, I was already depressed. The grave site was the last place I wanted to be.

I told my friends, Joanna and Mary, “You’re early-risers. You go ahead. I don't want to go.”

Mary and Joanna looked disappointed, but I didn’t feel bad about staying home. It had been an extremely stressful week. Someone we loved dearly had died unexpectedly.  I had not slept well for several nights. I was exhausted.So other women went with Joanna and Mary.

And because of my choice to stay home, I missed something wonderful. Something miraculous!

Later that morning, the women burst into the house where many of us had gathered. We could hardly understand their excited babble. There was something about a huge stone, a missing body, and supposedly an angel talking to them! 

Before I could tell them they were crazy, our friends Peter and John jumped up and bolted out the door.

The rest of us stood there trying to make sense of it all. Excited chatter began to fill the room. I noticed the anxious expression on Mary's face. It is as if she couldn’t bear to be in the room any longer. Desiring an explanation, I tried to make my way across the room, but before I could reach her, she dashed back out the door.

Whatever happened, I missed it. But I planned to press Mary for more details when she returned. In the meantime, I had decided to make myself busy and get some things done.

That was my second mistake.

Even if I didn’t fully understand, I should have recognized that something amazing was happening. 

Now, I wish I had ran with Mary back to the empty tomb.

I was told the disciples went home after checking out the tomb. But my friend, Mary—she stayed. 

She told us she was standing outside the tomb crying. Then, she leaned in for a look inside the tomb and saw two angels! Oh, you should have heard Mary trying to find the right words to describe it!

But that wasn’t even the best part. When Mary turned away from the grave,
she saw Jesus! Our beloved friend, who had died on a cross three days earlier. 

At first, she did not recognize him because she was not looking for him to be there. But when he said her name, she instantly knew it was him. She recognized the voice that had freed her from Satan’s bondage, the voice that had spoken forgiveness, the voice of genuine love.

Mary was the first to see Jesus alive and well three days after he was dead and buried! How completely wonderful is that?

If I had to do it over, I would have put my selfish desires down and went with my friends that morning. I should have been obedient to that tug I felt in my heart. If only I had tried to outrun John searching for Jesus!

Jesus overcame death! He offered hope and promised eternal victory.

And Jesus had mercy on me. Praise God! Finally, I heard Jesus’ voice. He called my name. This time, I did not hesitate. I ran! I ran and fell at the precious feet of my risen Lord and Savior.

If you learn of his presence, or you hear him calling your name, please learn from my mistake. Don't wait. Run to Jesus!


I wrote this fictional woman’s account, but it is based on true events recorded in the twenty-fourth chapter of Luke in the Holy Bible. 

There easily could have been someone there that experienced something similar to this woman. We know this, because we understand our own self-centeredness, our own hesitancy, and our own regrets.

What about you? Are you curious about this living Savior you’ve heard about?
This Easter Sunday, this Resurrection Day, people all over the world will gather for services to remember, to celebrate, and to worship. Resist the desire for extra sleep, or to stay in, and be “busy.”

Don’t you want to know firsthand how amazing life is with Jesus Christ, who. by the way, is very much alive and well?

Then, don’t live with regrets. Run to Jesus!                        

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  1. I would be that one wanting to sleep a little longer. Thanks for the reminder to focus on the important things. Have a blessed Easter celebration, Sally!

    1. Let's arise early this Easter morning with a new perspective. Let's run to Jesus, Cathy!


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