Prayers That Changed History by Tricia Goyer: A Book Review and a Giveaway

by Sally Matheny

Prayers That Changed History
by Tricia Goyer
Prayers That Changed History, by bestselling author, Tricia Goyer, is a unique blend of a history and a devotion book. Over the years, during her research of various historical figures, Goyer stumbled upon delightful information that isn’t typically found in textbooks. She compiled her research and shares about the prayer lives of twenty-five notable figures in history.

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Beginning with Polycarp in 155 A.D. the book progresses through with various folks including Governor William Bradford, Sojourner Truth, George Muller, and Dietrich Bonhoeffer. 

Each section covers a brief story from the life of the notable figure, followed by sections: “Something to Think About,”  “In His (or Her) Own Words,” and “How He (or She) Changed History.” Goyer goes further with a portion tying the historical account to a scripture passage in “It’s in the Bible.” She wraps each chapter up with how it can apply to “Your Life.”

There are several stories I've heard bits and pieces of over the years. It's nice having all the information bound in one book. Also, there are many stories I've never heard before such as the one about Helen Keller's spiritual training. While Anne Sullivan taught deaf and blind Helen many things, it was Bishop Phillips Brooks who told her about Jesus. Goyer includes several excerpts from letters between Helen and Bishop Brooks. Helen had many questions and Bishop Brooks was eager to guide her to the answers. 

One of Helen's quotes reminded me of a similar experience of the once-trapped, "Ghost Boy," Martin Pistorius. When she learned about Jesus, she said, "I always knew he was there, but I didn't know his name!"  

This book is full of fascinating reading such as this.

The paperback book is approximately 200 pages in length and includes one black-and-white illustration of each notable figure.

There’s a bibliography of 139 primary and secondary resources listed in the back of the book. While Wikipedia is mentioned several times, Goyer references other more reliable resources for each chapter as well.

Zonderkiz promotes the book for ages 8 -18. I agree with that age span and adults will find the material interesting as well. Goyer set out to share what happened when godly people prayed. She also desired for the reader to come away wondering what might happen if they prayed. Those goals were met when my family read the book and I recommend the book for your family.

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