Write2Ignite 2014: Snag the Blessings

by Sally Matheny

Author, Edie Melson chats with other writers.

   God’s mercies and miracles misted over the campus of North Greenville University this weekend. As with any conference, a few snags popped up. That’s always a great thing—to have a few unforeseen circumstances—because they provide opportunities to witness God at work.
Ignoring Satan, and trusting God, allows us to snag the blessings.

     God's work was evident throughout the conference. There were stories of perceived "mistakes" actually opening doors to new friendships and opportunities. It’ll be exciting to watch how God continues reworking those “snags,” weaving them into something surprisingly beautiful.  

     Dear reader, whatever complications pop up for you today, know God is in control. Trust the Almighty Creator of the universe. Sometimes the impediments in life are just God’s way of ripping out our incorrectly sewn steps.
Allow Him to re-thread and redirect as needed in order to achieve something perfectly amazing. 
"Show me your ways, Lord,
teach me your paths."
Psalm 25:4
     Although serving on the leadership team requires a lot of work, the conference proved to be wonderful. It's always a joy to learn more about the craft of writing, make new friends, and reconnect with old friends.
Sharing a few photos of the Write2Ignite 2014 conference with you this week.
W2I Conference Director, Jean Hall (center) with
Cathy Biggerstaff and Mary Jane Downs

Artists & Illustrators- Tony Snipes and Samantha Bell 

Opening the conference up with a humorous skit. The audience laughs as the "writer" sticks gum on her manuscript.

Clubhouse Jr. Editor, Joanna Echols and
Author, Crystal Bowman

Write2Ignite Teen Leadership Team:
Alec, Benjamin, and Katie

Writer, Editor, and Mentor: Kim Peterson

Author and Musician: Donna Earnhardt
and me

My husband, Stephen (left), helped out at the conference this year.
I loved having him there with me and introducing him
to wonderful people such as actor, writer,
and Christian comedian: Torry Martin.

I can't wait until the 2015 Write2Ignite!


  1. I got "snagged" when my name was called to join the panel on stage for First Pages; I had planned to sit in the back and listen! I hadn't even checked myself for lunch stains! LOL I survived, had a lot of great experiences at the conference, and now I'll know what to expect if I'm invited back again. :-)

  2. Brenda, you did a fine job! That's exactly what I'm talking about--those unplanned, (and often stressful) moments that create a bit of internal frenzy. It's hard to imagine when we're in the middle of them but God works wonders during times like these!

  3. Loved reading about the conference. Thanks for the photos. It's fun to realize that I'm beginning to know and recognize a lot of these folks. What a wonderful community. Bless you Sally (from the elevator ;-) )

  4. I know, Nan. The more we see these precious people the deeper the friendships grow. Speaking of that, we should get together soon!

  5. Beautiful, my friend! I like to feed people - but often feed myself my foot! I am so glad can take those moments and make them something FAR better than I can! This is a great post. Love you much!

    1. Word Wrangler,
      Truth be told, I can't make the socially awkward moments and mistakes of life better. Only God can do that. I'm reminded of this quite often, and humbly (but joyfully) remind you.

  6. Sally, I want to thank all of you so much for your wonderful conference. I feel so blessed to have been able to attend!

    1. Jeannine- It does our hearts good to hear people's God-stories and the ways they were blessed at the conference. I'm so glad you enjoyed it and hope to see you back next year. Now,get back to your writing! :)


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