Adoption, and Tree-Climbing Contest Winner Announced

Consider Adoption
November is National Adoption Awareness Month. Today’s post tells how three couples grew their family trees through adoption. At the end of the post, we’ll also announce the winner of our Climb-a-Tree Contest!

Have you ever pondered about adoption? Maybe you’ve heard glorious adoption stories and heart-wrenching ones. Every child is a gift from God. Sometimes that gift comes in unexpected ways. Here are glimpses of three miraculous gifts.

One couple devoted several years to fertility doctors before they turned to foster parenting, with hopes of adopting. They were in a special foster-to-adopt program but there were no guarantees. Their minds understood, but their hearts did not.  Falling in love with the first child they fostered, their hearts were shattered when eventually a relative adopted the child. Bracing themselves they fostered two more. Those also later returned to their homes.

Wondering if they heard God’s call correctly, the couple again prayed for direction. A phone call came asking if they would care for the baby of a cocaine addict. There was only one thing they knew to do. They loved and nurtured the baby. For however long God placed this child in their care, they planned to give their best. Three years later, the couple ecstatically adopted this baby into their permanent family.   

A second couple had three biological teenagers. No more children were in the plan. When one of the husband’s relatives chose a lifestyle of drugs over parenting, she left a five-year-old child stranded without a parent. After much prayer, the couple stepped up and welcomed the child into their family through adoption.  Unexpected joys and adventures have filled their home.

A third couple had two young, biological children. Their hearts ached for one more baby but a serious health condition prevented further pregnancies. Thankful and blessed to have the two children, they tried to move forward but the tug on their hearts pulled stronger. One of the children began to pray for a baby through adoption. Then they all prayed and finally they began the process with an adoption agency. They struggled with guilt because so many couples wanted to adopt—couples who had no children. Who were they to ask for a child when they already had two? But sensing God’s will they moved forward.
After awhile, they received a call. A birthmother was
considering their family for her child. The family shouted with excitement!

Two weeks later another call came. Plans were underway for other relatives to adopt the child. Disappointments rippled over the next two years. The home study expired and so this family also prayed for God’s direction. They decided to renew their home study.

Two months later, a birthmother chose their family for her infant. She knew adoption was expensive and some people are only able to adopt once. She wanted to make sure her child had siblings as well as godly parents. She continues to say the family was an answer to her prayers. The family insists the birthmother was the answer to theirs. Blessings abound.

Three, true adoption stories—not one of them came without some heartache. All of them required prayer and perseverance. Many people shy away from adoption for fear of the unknown. Not one child, adopted or biological, comes into this world with any guarantees. In fact, we are all flawed. Aren’t you thankful God loves us as we are and is willing to adopt us into his forever family? I am!

Pray about it. If not adoption, perhaps there is a child who desperately needs you as a friend and mentor. Think about the adults who made a positive impact in your life. A child somewhere needs you to guide and nurture them. It could make a monumental difference in their lives.            

*                                                       *                                              *

And now to announce the winner of our Tree-Climbing Photo Contest!   Thanks to all those who entered! I received many wonderful photos. The name drawn was Jonathan W.! He received a Wilson soccer ball and orange cones. Congratulations and have fun Jonathan!

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