Wedding Day Security Checklist: Armor for the Bride

by Sally Matheny
Wedding Day Security Checklist:
Armor for the Bride
Your wedding day quickly approaches. Have you considered security for the event? 

Remember the enemy desires nothing less than to sneak in and crash a celebration. 

Consider the following Wedding Day Security Checklist, specifically with the bride’s armor in mind.

Wedding Day Security Checklist

Wedding Dress

You gave great consideration choosing your dress.
Let the dress remind you of the purity of God’s Truth and Righteousness. 

After the wedding, you'll find somewhere to store it . However, keep in mind the need to strap on God’s Righteousness every day and cinch it with His Truth. 

It’s essential to protect your heart and mind. Keeping them pure will
always make you lovely, no matter what you wear. 

Wedding Shoes

The days of waiting fill with excitement. You’re ready to run down the aisle to your groom! 

Wisely, you're breaking in your wedding shoes ahead of time so they'll be ready to serve you. But that one place on the heel still rubs the wrong way so band-aids are needed.
Let the shoes remind you to be ready to serve your Lord first.
Then, serve your husband before anyone else. This is not always an easy
thing to do. 

Sometimes he may say something that rubs you the wrong way.

Don’t allow disagreements to linger and fester. That only leads to unnecessary pain and can worsen by developing a calloused heart.

Resist worldly advice. Usually it's ineffective or it's only a temporary fix. 

When trying days occur, seek aid from your Comforter. Trust fully in Him and He will give you everything you need. Sometimes that is through the godly counsel of a pastor or another strong Christian.

    Bridal Bouquet    
Let your lives be a pleasant aroma to Christ.
    Gorgeous flowers await the beautiful bride!
    Special meanings are attached to certain flowers. The roses represent love and purity—what a wonderful goal for your marriage. Ivy symbolizes fidelity. The tulips stand for forgiveness and the hydrangeas for perseverance.
    As you carry your bouquet, remember their delicate nature. Let these flowers remind you to carry something more enduring—your faith.

    You and your husband will need perseverance to stand firm and defend what you know to be right and true. Forgive one another as Christ forgives you.
    Like these flowers, let your lives be a pleasant aroma to your Lord Jesus Christ. 

Hair Adornments

When you first appear to your groom, his face will show delight. He’ll see your smile and how you adorned your upswept hair for this special day. Don't worry. Plenty of bobby pins will keep it secure!

As you style your hair, let it remind you that you are special and have been set apart. 

You and your groom are safe and secure forever more because Christ has adorned you with His salvation. 

Bride’s Bible

Whether it is a small, white Bible or just a scripture tucked into your bouquet, it represents your foundation and witness.

Carrying God’s Word into this new phase of life is essential. As you carry this scripture, remember the importance of investing in a quiet time with God. 

Remember the Sword of the Spirit is not effective if it isn’t sharpened and
used often. Treasure His words in your heart so you can be a witness to
others and be a blessing in your husband.

Bride, your armor is securely in place. You are fully equipped, not only for
your special wedding day, but also for every day, for the rest of your life.



  1. I really like this post! Everything has a meaningful purpose and all is surround "in" Christ. Blessings to your daughter and their new life.

  2. Thanks, Mary Jane. I am blessed to know my daughter will be wearing the full armor of God.


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