Day Three at Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference

Wow! Three days of packing in writing workshops and making wonderful new friends at the BRMCWC is wonderfully exhausting!

This bumbling new conferee made a little progress today. I only got lost two times today. Actually, my directional limitations are a blessing. People tend to befriend lost puppies.

Making new friends is the highlight of my conference experience. Most of them I only recall their first names but I have plenty of business cards to help me reconnect later.


Todd Starnes, Yvonne Lehman
Today, I did make it to the correct workshop led by Todd Starnes of FOX News. Between what I learned in his class and the class led by agents, Blythe Daniels and Jessica Kirkland, I plan to implement a few changes to my blog and facebook accounts soon. Apparently, I need all you dear friends to interact with me on my Sally Matheny Writer page, so more details about that later.


There is so much to learn about the business of writing. Now, when I read a book to my son, I say, “Let’s see who poured their life into this book.” 
Edie Melson & Sally Matheny

This week, I’ve met many people who are pouring their lives into learning the craft. Some are early in their journey. Others have been traveling the writing road for some time. Tonight at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers Conference writers set aside the laptops and notepads to acknowledge the rigorous, long march of a few writers. We celebrated their successes with an awards banquet. 

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  1. I saw your blog on the BRMCWC hashtag roll. Great little summary of each day here and such fun to relive the experience. Glad you'll be ready when the TV reporters come asking you re: your book :)

  2. Thanks for stopping by Grammarian!
    Mercy me, at least I kept everyone entertained this week. I learned a long time ago to laugh as I learn from my mistakes. It just seems like I'm laughing a lot! :)


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