Doing What You Don't Know How to Do

by Sally Matheny
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“I am always doing that which I don’t know how to do

 in order that I may learn how to do it.”



     Friends, if only you knew how often I read this quote posted above my computer! How many of you are doing things you don’t know how to do?
     So many of my middle-aged friends are learning new job skills. Some are doing this because of our county’s 12.5% unemployment rate. Others are seeking a change.
     I know a carpenter studying to be a pastor; a teacher pursuing a physician’s assistant degree; and a musician going into social work. Then there’s me.
     Ever since I was a little girl I remember wanting to be two things—a mommy and a teacher. So, after high school I pursued a teaching degree. Later, I earned a master’s in K-6 Education. I loved teaching kindergarten for eight years. Well, I didn’t like the discipline issues, or bus duty, but everything else I loved!

     Later, I was blessed to become a mommy, too. When my girls were ages two and four, I felt God leading me to become a stay-at-home mom. We had to make several adjustments in our lifestyle. I will always be grateful to my husband for taking this leap of faith with me. Most days were wonderful. Some days were exhausting. I wondered how I ever managed housework with an outside job. But, I loved being home with the girls. Then, they went to school.

     After my oldest completed first grade and my youngest finished kindergarten, God called us to make another transition. This was our biggest leap of faith yet—homeschooling! I wrestled with this call for almost a year. Finally I conceded that we would try this homeschooling thing for one year. We are now in our thirteenth year and love it!

     It's funny when you look back over your life. I knew I was called to be a teacher. I just never thought it would be a homeschool teacher! Sometimes I wonder why God didn’t clue me in on that before my parents paid for one degree and we paid for the other. If God sent me a sign before college, I totally missed it. I believe my college and job experiences all had a purpose. If I missed God’s nudging somewhere along the way, he was merciful and still worked things out for His glory. I am so thankful when he does that, aren’t you?
     Our two daughters are in college now. Currently, I’m homeschooling our son. Homeschooling a boy (and without siblings as playmates) has different job requirements. The new skills I’m learning include target-shooting, dragon slaying, and trying to make learning good manners as manly an endeavor as possible.
     To add to the mix, about two years ago, God planted a seed in my heart to write. Uncertain of the direction God will take my writing but I know he wants me to encourage others in their life journey.
     The work has been more challenging than I ever anticipated. I doubt I’ll ever learn all there is to know about the craft and business of writing. But the more I learn, the more I enjoy this new assignment from God. As always, I’m counting on him to use my feeble attempts for his glory.

     And, thank you, friends, for allowing me to do that which I don’t know how to do in order that I may learn how to do it.  
     What about you? What job assignment is God giving you? I encourage you to embrace it and trust Him with the details.


  1. You always bless me, my Friend, so I've shared your blog with my Facebook friends so they can be blessed, too.

    1. Thanks Cathy. Your friendship and writing bless me too!


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