Top Ten Thanksgiving Day Moments

During my childhood, the highlight of Thanksgiving day was going to Paw Paw Talbert’s house to watch the Thanksgiving Parades on his color television set. It was a large cabinet model that sat on the floor. Although one did have to get up and turn a knob to change the channels., it was very upscale compared to our family’s 14-inch, black-and-white set.
Soaking in the colors of the Macy’s Parade was, and still is, a delight to me on Thanksgiving Day. There are a thousand other special Thanksgiving Day moments but I’ll narrow it down to my top ten.

My Top Ten Thanksgiving Day Moments (listed in random order):

ü  Thanksgiving Day Parades: I prefer to watch them from the comfort of my sofa, with pajama-clad children nestled beside me rather than from a crowded curbside.

ü  The Aroma of Turkey Roasting: This is one stretches all the way back to my childhood. My mama would indulge me with a piece of golden brown turkey skin before guests arrived for dinner. I still love to smell turkey roasting!

ü  Card Tables: Odd, I know. But card tables mean more people. As a child, we enjoyed sitting at the “kids’ table” until we decided it was more cool to sit on the sofa with the teens. T.V. trays were the next progression to the adult table. Plus, once the tables were cleared of food, they were great for playing games.

ü  Games: Football, tag, card games and board games. We love playing games at our house. Seems like we carve out more time for them around the holidays. Of course, my favorites are the word-building games.

ü  Crunching Leaves Underfoot: I like hearing the sound when walking in the woods around our home. I also savor the few colorful leaves still clinging to their branches or as they flurry across the sky.

ü  Crisp, Cool Air: It brings a freshness along with cozy sweaters and blankets, coffee and hot chocolate. Snuggling by a fire inside or
    by the fire pit outside.

ü  Time Off from Work/School: It's a treasure when all my family is home at the same time. With two young adult daughters (who work and attend college), this is nothing short of a miracle.

ü  “Hubbub”: At first, I wasn’t going to include this because I don’t like the hectic part of the holidays. However, in some ways the hubbub of preparations is a blessing. If I’m busy cooking then I’m blessed to have food. If I’m cleaning, then I’m blessed to have a home. If I’m planning and preparing then I’m greatly blessed to have people with which to share Thanksgiving.

ü  Taking Deep Breaths of Gratitude: Those sudden moments in the midst of the hubbub when my eyes well up with tears. It may be when I see my 8-yr. old son lean his head on his 20 yr. old sister’s shoulder. When my 18-yr. old excuses herself from family fun to answer a call from a young friend dealing with cancer. Or when my husband stops to gaze in my eyes before giving me a gentle kiss. When my parents walk through the door and remembering my in-laws, who we won't share a hug with again until we go to heaven. As other family members arrive, I remember some have overcome great difficulties this year and some are still struggling. But we’re all gathered together once again breathing deep prayers of gratitude.

ü  Knowing the Truth: The best moment of Thanksgiving Day is really more like a moment-to-moment awareness of the absolute Truth. All good things are from God. Even in the midst of life’s trials, His love and goodness is with me. The Creator of all things loves little ol’ me—a tiny speck in the universe. As undeserving as I am of anything, He still chooses to meet all my needs and bless me. When it comes down to it, none of my top Thanksgiving Day moments mean anything to me without Jesus Christ. I can survive without parades and card tables. Sadly, I may someday have to survive without family or friends. But I will never ever survive without Jesus. He is what I cherish the most.

What about you?

What are some moments you cherish about Thanksgiving Day?

Share a favorite Thanksgiving memory or event with us!

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