Who Should We Honor This President's Day?

 by Sally Matheny

Who Should We Honor This President's Day?
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It first began as a day of recognition of America’s first president, George Washington. 

Then, it included Abraham Lincoln. Some folks still cling to those two, but others use the day to celebrate all of America’s presidents…well, at least the ones that represented their political views.
In a time when some people are wanting to tear down statues and monuments, who should we honor on President’s Day?

If you’ve been around me for any length of time, you’re expecting me to say to honor Jesus. Well, sure! Of course, I’d love it if we all honored Jesus every day. But that’s not the focus of our chat today.
Quora says we’ve had sixteen presidents listed as Democrats and eighteen listed as Republicans. Beyond that labeling gets complicated. However, our conversation today is not about commemorating political parties either. Aren’t you glad?

In addition to Washington and Lincoln, do you know who I’d like to recognize this President’s Day?  

The American people.

Those who take the time to research presidential candidates thoroughly before voting and who vote according to their conscience, rather than for the approval of their peers. 

I’d celebrate those who refrain from disrespectful behavior, whether their candidates win or not.
America’s wise citizens who speak freely and choose to act politely, especially to those with differing opinions, deserve honor.

Wise citizens speak freely and act politely.

I’d toast the citizens who show honor to our military and service personnel. I’d salute the people who show gratitude to those who protect our way of life and guard our freedom to vote for whomever we choose.

I’d praise every adult and child who stands up to bullies and who encourages
everyone to treat others the way they want to be treated.
I’d honor those who promote democracy and practice peace.
Every president has made good and not-so-good decisions—including Washington and Lincoln—of whom, by the way, I have great admiration. 

But we’ll never have a perfect president no matter what political party he/she represents. For that matter, we’ll never have a nation of perfect, American citizens.
Like every country in the world, we have flaws. 

But unlike every country, America has freedom. Let’s celebrate that this President’s Day.

Practice kindness because we are family.
I think every past president would appreciate it if we honored them by looking at our neighbors, our co-workers, the strangers on the street as if they are our beloved relatives. 

We all have relatives who may not have the same opinions, same political or religious beliefs as our own. They may not like anything we like, yet, we still love them!
For the sake of freedom, for the sake of peace, for the sake of love, let’s practice kindness. . . 
because we are family.



  1. Very well said, Sally! I so appreciate your gentle touch in areas that could be prickly. Blessings!

    1. When I watched the Samaritan's Purse film, Facing the Darkness,they kept calling people around the world, "my brothers and sisters." It was said with such ease as if they were truly related by blood. It made me pause. I wondered what the difference would be if we treated every person as someone in our immediate family. Of course, many of us need to work on how we treat our own family members too! Obviously we can't do anything without God's help. :)Thanks for stopping by, Cathy!


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