CAMO’S JOURNEY Book Review with Book & Art Giveaway

by Sally Matheny

Camo's Journey by Paige Snedeker
Author and illustrator, Paige Snedeker, released her second children’s book, Camo’s Journey in January 2017.

In a recent interview, Paige said it took about six months to write the book and over a year to illustrate it. 

That’s amazing considering she’s only twenty-three years old, legally blind, and unable to use her hands due to a rare degenerative disease. Amazing, indeed.

The first thing I noticed when I received my autographed copy of Camo’s Journey was the size of the book. It’s not your typical 32-page picture book. The 8 ½ x 11, hardcover book encases fifty-two pages! 

The pages on the right side contain the story and pages on the left are full-color illustrations.

Let’s talk about the beautiful illustrations first, then the story.

Paige used vibrant watercolors and acrylics when she painted the illustrations using her mouth. With the assistance of her art teacher, Paige used an assortment of brushes, balloons and sponges to create various effects. 

Then, she instructed what shapes she wanted cut from her paintings. Using a grid system, Paige expressed where to place items on each page.

The colorful illustrations coincide perfectly with Paige’s charming story about a little, green gecko named Camo.

The timid gecko is called on a mission. He has several barriers to overcome and he often questions if he is the right one for the job.  

He struggles with several things including a fear of the unknown and a fear of being too small to make a difference.

A dear friend, Sofia, encourages Camo in his journey. Sofia is a character from Paige’s first book, Sofia and Her MorningStar.

A magnet with this beautiful artwork by Paige is one of the giveaway prizes!

I’m not going to tell you the ending to Camo’s story. You’ll have to read it yourself to find out what happens. I’m sure there’s someone in this story with whom you, and your child, can relate.

The book was written with a Christian worldview. It does not specifically mention the name of God but references Him as the “Light.”

Paige dedicated it “to all the kids who are seeking their gifts.” I believe Paige has found hers.

I recommend you buy this book for the little ones you know. The story is suitable for all ages but I think the target audience is for ages 5-9.

I’m not the only one who likes Paige’s work. The back cover of Camo’s Journey holds endorsements from award-winning author, Michelle Medlock Adams and Joni Eareckson Tada.

Paige is a talented writer and artist. She's also generous! She's donating some great giveaway prizes--a magnet with one of her beautiful artwork pieces on it, and two of her books! Woo hoo! Thank you, Paige! 

I want to help get the word out about "Paige’s Projects", a non-profit
organizationso here are the rules for this giveaway.

Paige Snedeker
You have up to four chances to enter. For each of the following tasks you do, your name will go in the drawing.

Visit Paige’s facebook page and leave a comment or “like” her page.

Visit Paige’s website Paiges for God’s Glory.org.

Follow Paige on Twitter.

Readers, you must let me know in the comment section below which of these things you did so I’ll know how many times to put your name in the drawing (1-4).

It can be as simple as typing- “I did fb, website, and Twitter.” 
(If this was the case, then I'd know to put your name in three times.)

The drawing will be on Friday, March 3 so make sure to check back and see if you won!


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