Honoring True Freedom

by Sally Matheny

Honoring True Freedom
In my youth, I did not realize the full value of my freedom. My understanding only went as far as my own limitations.

“Why can’t I watch that T.V. show?”

“When will I get to drive a car?"

“Where can I go with my friends?”

As I grew, so did my perception of freedom.

I learned people sacrificed their own freedom for mine.

I may never fully comprehend the price some have paid, or adequately appreciate those who are still hammering out the preservation of my freedom.

One reason for my ignorance is because someone cared enough to protect me from that knowledge. I once heard a special agent say if an evil event didn’t make the news, because his team prevented it from happening, then their mission was accomplished.
Protection from evil happens every day.

Men and women risk their lives to protect the innocent and the oppressed here in the U.S. and abroad.

Parents vigilantly stand guard against immorality entering the gateways to their homes and endangering their families.

However, there are times we need guidance on what’s lurking around us. Knowledge is information, and godly wisdom is power.

People are boldly standing up for what is right according to God’s Word—even when others are screaming there is no “right.” 

Many times, those acts of courage are overlooked. When they are noticed, they are often spit upon, judged as intolerant, and tagged as deeds of hate.

Yet, there are those who continue to rise above the torrent of criticisms and press onward. Through the difficulties, they pray for those who fight against them, who insult them, who persecute them.

I thank God for the country where He has placed me. He has a purpose for me in America, just as He has a purpose for you, wherever you are.

I am grateful for our armed forces and service personnel, past and present, for serving and sacrificing for the freedom of all.

To all the Christian civilians, I will continue to pray that God gives us strength to persevere. I pray for wisdom, and discernment between the times we should boldly speak up and when it’s best to remain silent, allowing God to fight the battle.

Let’s not allow ourselves to be bound by ignorance or self-imposed limitations.

Stand firm within the safe boundaries set by God—not adding to or taking away from His Word. When the world’s battle lines begin to blur and freedoms seem to fade, we can trust in the solid Truth of Jesus Christ.

It is His Truth that will set us free.

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