A Mama's Work is Never Done--Or is It?

by Sally Matheny

A Mother's Work is Never Done--Or is It?

Has your child ever called you an insulting name? One Saturday morning, after eliciting my eleven-year-old’s help with cleaning, he spewed the words, “You’re a Danny Tanner!” 

For those of you not familiar with the family television show, Full House, Danny Tanner is the parent obsessive with cleaning.

At first, I was insulted. I am not obsessed with cleaning. Danny Tanner uses a Dust Buster to clean his vacuum cleaner! He doesn’t allow anything out of its place. I vacuum once a week, and if we’re lucky, we may get the main pieces of furniture dusted. Also, I’m a stacker. I have little stacks of mail, magazines, and numerous slips of paper filled with writing ideas all throughout the house. Danny Tanner would go spastic in my house.

It only took a few minutes of comparing myself to Danny Tanner that I found the whole thing hilarious. I can overlook a messy house for almost five whole days before it begins to annoy me. And I prefer to do a multitude of other things instead of cleaning! But I feel responsible for maintaining a peaceful haven for my family. And let’s face it. An unorganized, messy home does not induce an atmosphere of serenity. Even my little name-caller will admit he likes the house better after all the work is done. I do, too. And so, for the next five to six days, we enjoy ourselves—before it’s time to clean again.

However, relaxing and having fun appear to come more easily for my husband and children. Seems like I have to be more thoughtful and intentional to stop doing whatever I think is "necessary" in order to join in the fun.
It’s a fact, a mother's work is never done. Truly. Never.

It's an endless cycle.

Find Matching Socks

Tend to Family’s Needs

Prepare Meals

Find Matching Socks 


Run Errands

Buy New Socks

Attend Meetings & Appointments

Create a Peaceful Haven

Find Matching Socks 

Sometimes it is a struggle. It takes work to keep things flowing smoothly at home. For me, it is my full-time job. And it’s one of the greatest blessings God has given me. Twenty-six years of marriage and three children later, I’d love to tell you I’m a pro. But I’m not. God is patiently teaching me all the time. The only reason I’ve made it this far, is through the grace and power of Jesus Christ. That’s an absolute fact.

My inner peace is greater on the days I begin with prayer and meditating in God’s Holy Word. Notice I did not say my days are better. Some days are stinky with bad attitudes, pain, or discouraging events. But the presence of peace grows stronger when I magnify my thoughts on Christ.  

To keep my heart content and my spirit gentle and calm, not only must I start my day communing with God, but I must continually turn my thoughts to Him. If I get stressed out, well, apparently I’ve chosen to focus on me, or whoever the unfortunate soul is blocking my way. Bless ‘em and forgive me, Lord.
Occasionally, it’s not my fault.

We live in a real world with real problems. Things happen out of our control. It’s easier when it’s a problem we can fix. It’s more difficult when there is absolutely nothing we can do. But the plan for peace remains the same. Run to God. Run to God. Run to God. There is power in prayer.

So, as you daily seek God’s plan, know your life has purpose. You are making a difference in this world. Many days it may seem like you’re only here to find people matching socks. 

Keep plodding the course, dear Mamas. When the work is difficult, do not grow weary modeling God’s peace. And remember, be sensitive to the Spirit when He's prompting you to stop your work, forget the socks, and go play. 

Persevere in learning His ways, and you’ll discover it’s in the little things, that He is doing great things through you. 

Keep the course, dear Mamas.
It's in the little things, that God is doing
great things through you.

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