“365 Devotions for Peace” Book Review, Author Interview, & a Giveaway!

by Sally Matheny
365 Devotions for Peace
by Cheri Cowell

As soon as I saw Cheri Cowell’s name on the cover of 365 Devotions for Peace, I selected it for my reading. I had never read Cheri’s writing before, but I heard her speak at a Write2Ignite Conference one year. Impressed by her speaking, I was eager to read her writing.

Each of the 365 Devotions for Peace is between 150-200 words in length. I found their brevity a nice accompaniment to my daily Bible reading. 

Also, I thought about people battling in the middle of a crisis. Some of life’s torrential storms delay a lengthy basking in God’s Word. This book is perfect for those brief moments of respite.

Each devotion begins with one verse of scripture. Scriptures are taken from various versions of the Holy Bible—NIV, NCV, NASB, NKJV, MSG, and The Voice. 

Following the scripture is a devotion and each ends with a one-to-two-sentence prayer.

Fifteen areas are covered including: Peace with God, Peace at Home, Peace Within, Peace in Times of Trouble, and Peace for the World.

If you know someone who is searching for peace, this book would make a lovely and thoughtful gift. Perhaps you’ll win the copy of Cheri’s book I’m giving away this week!

I am delighted Cheri agreed to an interview to accompany my review of her book.

 “Cheri Cowell, an author, speaker, and sidewalk theologian is the author of several books including the Bible study Parables and Word Pictures. A graduate of Asbury Theological Seminary, she shares her passion to help others apply biblical principles to the sidewalk issues of life.”

Peace is such a timely topic, how did this book come about?
I was in a conversation with an editor and I mentioned my new blog focus was going to be on the unrest in the country and the search for peace. She said, "Funny you should mention that because I'm looking for someone to write a daily devotional on the subject of peace."

What did you learn about the subject of peace while writing the book?
Like most things biblical, the Christian's understanding of the subject of peace must be re-aligned with God's definition and that definition has many facets. I learned that God's definition is only truly understood as it is practiced–365 days a year.

How do you go about writing 365 devotions on a single topic like peace?
I am foremost a Bible teacher, so I begin with Scripture. There are 165 direct references to peace in the Bible and an additional 100 tangently related. Some scriptures gave me the illustration fairly openly, but some I had to rely on inspiration from the Holy Spirit to bring the point to life.

365 Devotions for Peace is not your first book published.
No, I am honored to be the author of three others: Direction: Discernment of the Decisions of Your Life; Parables and Word Pictures in the Following God Bible study series; and Living the Story: Reaching Outside the Church Walls.

Author, Speaker, Sidewalk Theologian- Cheri Cowell

Your bio says you are a sidewalk theologian–what is that?
I like to say that in my writing and speaking you will meet a friend on the sidewalk of life who brings sound biblical answers to your questions of faith. I have a seminary degree from Asbury Seminary, but my real gift is in taking complicated theological principles and applying them to the real questions of faith ordinary people have, sharing those answers in a conversational manner. I hope reading 365 Devotions for Peace is a conversation with your own sidewalk theologian.

Do you have another book in the works?
In July, One Story, One Mission, One God releases, which is an overview of the whole Bible's story in just 14 weeks. Many of us have only received the Bible in bits and pieces, but I want to show how the Bible is one story with the same mission about the same God from Genesis to Revelation. 

I look forward to that book as well. Cheri, thanks so much for sharing with us. May God continue to bless you and your work.

Alright, friends, if you’d like a chance to win 365 Devotions for Peace, leave a comment below and your name will be entered into the Honest Hat. A winner will be randomly selected and announced on January 24, 2016.
While you’re waiting, connect with Cheri at www.CheriCowell.com.

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