A Book Review of “The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife”

by Sally Matheny

The Perils of a Pastor's Wife
Growing up, I remember a variety of wives serving alongside their pastor-husbands.  On Sundays, I noticed their kindness and smiling faces. I remember their immaculate appearance—hair teased and sprayed in place, crisply ironed skirts with coordinating jackets, hose, and shiny high heeled shoes that matched their purses. As I child, I thought these women were as polished as the pearls on their necks.

Of course, as I matured, I realized the life of a pastor’s wife is not as pristine as I’d imagined. While she finds joy in serving alongside her husband, the pastor’s wife also discovers she’s frequently in the midst of battle.

Nan Jones knows this all too well, and has penned a wonderful book, The Perils of a Pastor’s Wife. Chapter by chapter, Nan discusses various perils including ones on meeting expectations, battle fatigue, anxiety and fear, and a strained marriage. Nan exchanges her opaque, pearl necklace for a crystal one so readers can clearly see her heart and relate to her experiences.

“Nan offers a hand to hold, aha moments of healing, and soul-strengthening biblical insight.” She takes you straight to God’s Word for hope and encouragement. Also, you’ll find sprinkles of humor as you learn how God worked in Nan’s life, even through persimmon-colored linoleum.

“What was this gift God had given us? I put on my happy-girl mask, but inside, my heart ripped a little more.”
“Linoleum, the color of persimmons, spread its ugliness from room to room. Moisture in the bathroom had peeled away layers of paint to expose yet more linoleum, this time on the wall surrounding the tub.
Father, I cried deep inside my silent pain, how much more? Is this the best You can do? Sarcasm rattled obnoxiously through my devastation and pride.

The book is full of wisdom and encouragement for all women.  The wife of the layperson will find the same biblical truths offered to the pastor’s wife apply to them as well.

But if you know someone in or entering any facet of Christian ministry, this book will make a wonderful gift.

She may still decide to put on a smiling face with her pearls. It’s because she knows even in the gut-wrenching trenches of spiritual warfare, she's adorned with the power of Christ and she’s brandishing a Sword.  

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Also, you may enjoy reading the author, Nan Jones' interview.


  1. Sally, thank you for your kind words. I really appreciate it. My biggest prayer over this book is that the pastor's wife will realize that somewhere, somehow, someone understands.

    1. Nan, I join with you in that prayer. God will use your book to comfort and encourage so many women. Thank you for pressing forward in your journey to write it.


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