Do Something Fun with Your Family

In July 2013, after months of planning, and hundreds of hours of work, we are thankful God brought it all together for a sweet and beautiful wedding for my daughter..

Perhaps your days have been blessed but busy, too.

I encourage you all to take a break this week and do something fun with your family. Yesterday, I left piles of laundry and a messy kitchen to have a "Family Fun Day." My husband took the day off of work and we took the two children we have remaining at home out for a full day of fun. Paddling a canoe, swimming, and a picnic at a beautiful lake was just what we all needed.

Carve out some fun time  with your children this week. Those little boys that are always on the go, may move across the nation in a few years. And your little, twirling princesses will soon glide across the floor in a wedding gown.

Go make some memories.

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