Encouraging others is my passion. My first preference is to do that by coming alongside one person at a time--building a friendship through shared conversations and experiences. However,sometimes God uses a clay pot such as I am to encourage larger gatherings as well.

The following are titles of  group presentations I've done before. Several were prepared for multi-generational audiences, such as those attending mother-daughter events.

Fill Me Up and Pour Me Out  

If I'm Meant to be a Butterfly--then Why am I Stuck as a Caterpillar?   

Courage in Christ

Treasured Possessions

Shine Like Stars

Crossroads of Decisions: Finding Your Purpose (includes our Adoption Story)

What's Your Story?

If you would like more information on one of these, or if you'd like me to speak on a different topic, or work within a certain theme, please contact me using the "Contact" tab located at the top.

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