Friends Stick By You When You Run Into Hot Water, or Out of It

by Sally Matheny
Friends Stick By You When You're In or Out of Hot Water
Occasionally, I underestimate the amount of help I'll need for a project, and later find myself struggling. 

When our first daughter got married, I thought it wouldn’t take long to clean a reception venue designated for 155 people, especially if friends chipped in on the effort.

My assumption was wrong on two accounts. I assumed people would stay and help with the clean up. Our friends assumed we had a clean-up team in place, and since they weren’t asked to stay, they did not. It was my fault. 

Plus, I should have realized if I find a home for five difficult to clean, then a space for 155 would be challenging! Nonetheless, God was merciful and we completed the job with a few family members.

But, when our second daughter began planning her wedding reception, I knew we had to do things a bit differently. My aches and pains had increased greatly in the three years since the last wedding. I’d need more assistance on all fronts.

Three relatives and a friend were coaxed into helping decorate for the reception while another friend and I worked on floral centerpieces and bouquets. Two more families helped with the baking. My wonderful mother took charge of pressing all the table linens. Thankful for my dear friends and family, I thought I had all the reception bases covered. Right down to the servers and a clean-up crew.

Three servers were designated for the buffet and two other people were in charge of clearing dirty dishes from the tables. Two more delegates were to run the rented china and glassware through the commercial dishwasher. Impressed with my planning, I imagined a beautiful, snag-free reception.

Eh. Even the best-laid tables can go awry.


You Missed It! (Encouraging the Doubters)

by Sally Matheny
It Was Awesome and You Missed It!
     “You missed it!”
     Don’t you hate hearing those words? Perhaps you went to get a hotdog, and missed the best play ever made at home plate—by your child—the one who hasn’t scored a run in three years. Everyone kept exclaiming how awesome it was. 

     you missed it!


Children’s Book Review: God Bless Our Country by Hannah C. Hall

by Sally Matheny

Book Review of God Bless Our Country
God Bless Our Country, a board book by Hannah C. Hall, introduces young children to a few of the reasons we love America—especially in the summer.  

This twenty-page, Christian book, published by Tommy Nelson, reminds children of reasons to celebrate living in America. 

Too often, our little ones overhear negative opinions of our country. This joyful little book points out the blessings God gives us—especially those in the summer time. The satisfaction of families working and playing outside together, parades, swimming, stargazing, and fireworks to name a few. And don’t forget eating ice cream!