You Missed It! (Encouraging the Doubters)

by Sally Matheny
It Was Awesome and You Missed It!
     “You missed it!”
     Don’t you hate hearing those words? Perhaps you went to get a hotdog, and missed the best play ever made at home plate—by your child—the one who hasn’t scored a run in three years. Everyone kept exclaiming how awesome it was. 

     you missed it!

     Or maybe you had plans to meet some friends at a restaurant. At the last minute, you decided not to go. You had your reasons. But they didn’t seem so great when you heard about your friends' spectacular evening.

    A celebrity ate at the table beside them. An exciting conversation took place, the celebrity treated them to desserts, and they each received free tickets and backstage passes to his upcoming concert. Each of your buddies called to tell you their version of the incredible evening. And...
you missed it!