How Billy Graham’s Life and Death Influenced Me

by Sally Matheny

Billy Graham Influenced Lives
(flickr photo)
I spent most of the afternoon watching the motorcade transporting the body of the evangelist, Dr. Billy Graham.
On roads I travel often, the procession went from Black Mountain to Charlotte. My daughter and her family were blessed to be in the crowds lining the streets.  
Fire trucks parked at the overpasses and hung American flags from their ladders.

Red heart balloons floated heavenward as the hearse passed by.
I only meant to spend a few minutes watching the televised procession. But, just as it has happened numerous times before, God has an amazing way of proclaiming His love for people through Rev. Billy Graham. So much so, it was too difficult for me to pry away from the television.

Millions of people will join Rev. Graham in heaven because of his obedience to proclaim the gospel, and their decision to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.
A multitude of tributes and testimonies will present themselves in the days and years to come. 
Many will share how their lives were changed by the words of Rev. Graham. I know his life, and his death, have influenced me.