Giving the Best is Never Too Good for LEGO or You

by Sally Matheny
Lego art by Sawaya

Do you know about Ole Kirk Christiansen? He was a toymaker in Denmark who named his toyshop “Lego” back in 1934. Originally, he made wooden toys but later, in 1947, his company expanded to make plastic toys.

Ole Kirk was well known for saying, det bedste er ikke for godt, which essentially means, “the best is never too good.”

He insisted his toys be of the highest quality. Unfortunately, not all toy makers stand by that motto.

Not all of Ole Kirk's days were good, especially during the Depression. Nevertheless, he stood firm in giving his best.

Lego Self Portrait of Nathan Sawaya

LEGO ® has grown into a phenomenal company that would astonish Ole Kirk. The little, plastic bricks have generated clothing, movies, and theme parks.

One of today’s amazing artists, Nathan Sawaya, has locked his talents into Ole Kirk’s motto and is building his own success story.
My family was fortunate to visit one of Sawaya’s exhibits held at the Captain White House in Alamance County, North Carolina in 2013.

This was the only N.C. location for the exhibit and well worth the drive.
Lego Creation by Nathan Sawaya
Also, we were told this same exhibit in New York costs $24 per person. Thanks to the generosity of the Wooten Family Fund, everyone was blessed with free admission in Alamance County.

It is a fun way to introduce a different medium of art to your family. Sawaya’s art is mesmerizing.

And, with school starting soon, what a great way to inspire your students to do their best because det bedste er ikke for godt!

 Another Interesting Tidbit:
If the six billion people inhabiting the world divided all the LEGOS® ever created, each person would have sixty-two LEGO® bricks!

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